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Build Your Own Preworkout: A Guide to Help Design a Customized Preworkout Tailored to You!

 build your own preworkout supplement

Build your own Preworkout Supplement B.Y.O.P.

A guide that will take you through the most proven & effective ingredients to either help you build your own preworkout or help you identify high quality products which include these ingredients!

In a market that is literally flooded with Concentrates and now even Ultra Concentrates that are stimulant heavy and often light in other areas, BestPriceNutrition thought it may be helpful to create a guide on how to build your own preworkout by highlighting ingredients that are proven to work, along with the doses that are effective!

*Stimulant Junky ingredients will be located at the end!

The reason the preworkout market is so diverse is due to the fact that the athletes taking them are as well. Someone going to a crossfit workout of the day is going to want something different then the guy going grappling & you can bet that the bodybuilder wants his pump. The problem is that these all require different ingredients to tailor to the individual’s needs. The goal of this guide will help you identify ingredients, their actions in the body & the recommended dosages.


Endurance & Performance Boosting Ingredients

Allmax Nutrition Beta-Alanine 400 Grams

Beta Alanine

Recommended Dose- 3.2g

What it does: As a building block of Carnosine, supplementing with beta alanine can help buffer the acid that is created by exercise resulting in the ability to perform more contractions in the gym. Beta Alanine has also been shown to result in better performance in cardio vascular events as well.

Allmax Beta Alanine- 133 Servings


 AI Sports Nutrition L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate 300 Grams

L-Carnitine as L-Carnitine Tartrate LCLT

Recommended Dose-2g

Combining Carnitine & Tartrate can help boost the absorption of Carnitine which has many benefits in the body in regards to cellular energy, recovery & improving VO2 Max.

AI Sports L Carnitine L tartrate 150 Servings

Allmax Nutrition Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate 400 Grams

CreaPure Creatine Monohydrate-5g

Purified Creatine Monohydrate the most common form of Creatine. Replenishes ATP; Improves Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Uptake, Improves Recovery.

Allmax Creatine Monohydrate-200 Servings


Pump & Vascularity Promoting Ingredients

Primaforce Agmatine 30 Grams

Agmatine Sulfate 1g

A Metabolite of Arginine, Agmatine has been found to not only promote pumps & vascularity but is also involved in neurotransmitter activities & can help promote optimal (anabolic) hormone signaling.

Primaforce Agmatine Sulfate- 30 Servings

Primaforce Citrulline Malate 200 Grams

Citrulline Malate

Recommended Dose-2g

L-Citrulline is one of the three amino acids in the Urea cycle alongside L-Arginine and L-Ornithine; it turns into L-Arginine after absorption and being sent to the kidneys, so it is actually a better method of getting supplemental L-Arginine into the blood rather than L-Arginine itself.

Primaforce Citrulline Malate-100 Servings

PrimaForce AAKG

Arginine AKG

Recommended Dose-2g

Arginine & Alpha Ketogultaric acid when combined can help enhance bioavailability & absorption & with

 both Arginine & AKG being precursors to Nitric Oxide production they can help boost nitric oxide production.

Primaforce Arginine AKG-125 Servings


 GPLC 60gm

Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (GPLC) GlycoCarn

Recommended Dose- 2g

GPLC is a Glycine amino acid, bound to a carnitine molecule. GPLC has been shown to promote Nitric Oxide improvements in sedentary men as well as athletes.

Primaforce GPLC-26 Servings


Popular Stimulants 

Allmax Nutrition Caffeine 200mg 100 Tabs

Caffeine Anhydrous

Recommended Dose 200mg

The most popular & proven CNS Stimulant, Caffeine has been proven to help boost performance, metabolism & energy utilization, increase focus & energy.

Allmax Nutrition Caffeine-100 Servings

PrimaForce Alcar 

Alcar Acetyl L-Carnitine

Recommended Dose- 2g

Acetyl-L-Carnitine tends to be seen as the neurological version of Carnitine, and seems to have more interactions in the brain relative to L-Carnitine. In Chronic fatigue, for example, ALCAR can reduce mental fatigue whereas other forms (Propionyl-L-Carnitine) do not significantly do so.

Primaforce ALCAR-125 Servings


 Jarrow Formulas Citicoline CDP Choline Brain Function

CDP Choline

Recommended Dosage-250mg

When a high dose is taken acutely, choline can make its way to the brain and acutely increase focus, muscle contraction potency, and potentially memory formation (all dependent on external stimuli like exercise or study).

Jarrow Formulas Citicoline CDP Choline-60 Servings


Life Extension Huperzine A with Natural Vitamin E 60 Caps 

Huperzine A

Recommended Dose 200mcg

Blocks an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine which is known as the learning neurotransmitter, and is involved in muscle contraction as well. Increasing levels of acetylcholine is routinely used as a technique amongst weight-lifters and scholars.

Life Extension Huperzine -60 Servings

PrimaForce Yohimbine HCL 2.5mg 90 Vege Caps


Recommended Dosage- 2.5mg

Has been found to increase noradrenalin levels & can boost energy & also promote vasodilation along with fat loss & appetite suppressing effects.

Primaforce Yohimbine HCL-90 Servings


Well there you have it, no matter what your sport or activity a combination of any of the ingredients above will prove beneficial. You can take 1 or 2 from each category or make a one killer Non-Stimulant blend. Whatever your poison don’t feel like you have to pay a premium price for a brand name preworkout. When buying products such as these in bulk a lot of them offer 100+ servings which make them much cheaper & you also know exactly what you’re getting.

One little tip however we recommend grabbing some crystal light, sugar free Kool-Aid or those MIO flavoring products because one thing you won’t get by building your own preworkout is a great taste!

Thanks for reading!


By David Schroer

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