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Forskolin vs. Forskohlii

There is actually no difference, though this is a common question. Forskolin is just another name for Forskohlii extract.

The Dr. Oz Show

Dr Oz did a show called The Naked Hour where everything he spoke about had to do with being naked. Doctor Oz first spoke about The Naked Diet because women all around the country say that they hate the way they look naked.

Dr Oz setup camera in dressing rooms in Intimacy Boutiques (a bra and lingerie store) in New Dr Oz Banaba Leaf TeaYork, Chicago and Los Angeles to find out why women hate how they look naked. Women said things like "I don't know how it happened, but it did... I should feel good about myself but I don't... there is nothing beautiful to see... I just do not want to be naked... I have so much cellulite... I feel ugly and old... I hate when people say it is not a big deal because it is MY big deal... and I feel so unattractive." Does any of this sound familiar?

Dr Oz brought on a lady named Carmen who had a son 9 months ago and says that when she looks in the mirror she just sees a big blob and does not even see a woman. Dr Oz's team of Dr Laura Berman, Lisa Lynn and Samantha Heller RD gave a three step plan called The Naked Diet that should help change us both mentally and phsically so that we feel better about ourselves.

Dr Laura Berman said that the first step is to Assess Your Body, because many women feel insecure about something and concentrate on their flaws because we want to look like the airbrushed images that we see in magazines. To help yourself, look at yourself naked in the mirror and pick at least three things that you love about your body. When you are naked and feel self-conscious, concentrate on these positive attributes. The next step is to figure out the part of your body that your eyes always go to (that you hate) when you look in the mirror. Now, instead of looking at that part of your body, look at your entire silhouette and practice seeing yourself as others see you.

Lisa Lynn told Dr Oz that Forskolin is safe and works for burning fat and reducing cellulite, and neither Lynn nor Dr Oz can figure out why it is not more popular by now. I cannot wait to try Forskolin now!

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