DHB Supplement - Anabolic Xtreme Trisorbagen

What is DHB?

What if someone had told you there was an inexpensive product that could boost a testosterone supplement effect so dramatically that you could get from 287% to over 500% more active testosterone in your bloodstream with your current pro hormone or oral steroid dose? Even cutting your daily dose in half while taking it could actually result in dramatically higher levels of anabolic testosterone in your bloodstream and dramatically more muscle!

How Does DHB Work?

How is this groundbreaking anabolic agent accomplishing these unbelievable results? Break out your PDR, Chemistry and Anatomy books for this one. The active ingredient in DHB Anabolic Amplifier™ is derived from the furanocoumarin family. There are literally hundreds of studies on this natural extract phenomenon in conjunction with pharmaceuticals showing dramatic, really dramatic increases in plasma (blood) drug concentrations when people ingest DHB with or around the same timeframe. These results are especially impressive in drugs with notoriously low oral bioavailability, i.e. Drugs with a high first pass metabolism (Over 60% of drugs are destroyed by the first pass metabolism). The results of DHB use with pharmaceuticals have been so significant that Pharmacists and Doctors now warn against ingesting foods containing DHB with certain medications! The DHB could increase the blood plasma levels of drugs with normally low toxicity to dangerous levels!

What is Anabolic Xtreme Trisorbagen?

Are you tired of experiencing less than phenomenal results from your supplements? Then you need to read this immediately! Trisorbagen is quickly becoming the number #1 choice for athletes and bodybuilders, and they simply can’t stop talking about it! Find out why below! You’re not going to want to miss this.


Did you know that your body has many mechanisms in place to limit the absorption of your supplements? In fact, some of the supplements you’ve already taken today may have been blocked, which means the little bit that does absorb could be present in too small a quantity to reach its maximum effectiveness. And, guess what else?


All too often, many supplements are rapidly eliminated from the body, thanks to inhibitory enzymes, metabolic destruction by the liver, high acid environments, etc. What would happen if you could not only absorb more, but keep those powerful compounds working to build muscle for you longer???

Amp UP!

What would happen if you put Mass FX, Hard FX, Lean FX…you name it, into overdrive?! Amp up your supplements today with Trisorbagen and experience the difference that athletes and bodybuilders can’t stop talking about!

Buy Anabolic Xtreme Trisorbagen DHB for $26.99!

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