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Fall: Leaves, Pumpkins, and... Immunity?

Quick blog post today as I am fighting a cold and hoping that you are not!

Image courtesy of OtakuTeri

Image courtesy of OtakuTeri

If you are, let me lend you some of my favorite tools. Here’s what we sell that can help — immensely. I barely ever get sick and when I do, I kick the colds in days, not weeks, largely because some or all of these items:

-Vitamin D-3 Softgels

-Reacta-C Vitamin C

-Vector V2 Na-R-ALA (alpha-lipoic acid) Antioxidant

-Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic

-RM-10 Ultra Immune Health Mushroom Formula

-Oreganol Super Strength Oil of Oregano

-Garlinase Allicin Garlic Tabs

-Dr. Dunner Sambuguard // Dr. Dunner Sambuguard for Kids

-Sovereign Silver Fine Mist Throat Spray

I’ve got some interesting research about these so if anyone is curious about them let me know in the comments and I’ll whip up some facts as to why they work. Stay healthy everyone!

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