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How Much Protein Can You Take in at Once?

One common question that we receive here at Best Price Nutrition is how much protein can I take in at one time? This has been a sort of myth...well the answers to this question anyway. The most common answer we have heard is that you can only take in 30 grams of protein and everything after that is wasted. Really? Is that true? We have also heard that it's unheathly to take too much protein in at one time. Let's take a look at that too. Does all the extra protein turn into fat? Hmm...let's discuss that one too.

So...if you have had these same types of questions when you eat or when you are about to take in your next protein shake, let's put your mind at ease. John and Glenn have decided to take a deep look into this topic and come back with the research behind what your body actually does with all that protein and how well it works with taking over the magical 30 grams of protein number.

How Much Protein Can I Digest at One Time?

By Jeff Moriarty

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