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How Much Protein Do I Need in Grams Per Day?

One of the most common questions we receive here at Best Price Nutrition is on protein and how much you actually need per day. Well the answer it depends. In this video John and Glenn talk about this popular question and give you some answers to better narrow down the answer your looking for.

Video Transcription

"Hello again everybody, this is John [Inland PH] with Today, we're just going to do a video that focuses on a question that we get in fair amounts; how much protein do I need in one day. It's kind of got a lot of people wondering and it's not a 'one size fits all' question 'cause it really depends on who you are, what your activity level is, what your goals are..."

"And your body weight also..."

"Body weight especially..."

"And also how much you're carrying..."

"Exactly, so you know, if you're not and active person and you're not working out, then you don't need as much protein, but we're going to specifically address athletes and people who are active and have a high activity level, or at least moderate."

"Most recommendations put it anywhere from 0.65 to 1 gram of protein per pound of... we'll just say body weight, you know, a lot of times we get lean body mass, but that's for lower numbers. Or if you want to look at it another way is, as some people say, 1.4 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight, that's 2.2 kilograms per pound."

"What that generally means, when you get to the 1 gram per pound, so if you weigh 200 pounds, you'd want 200 grams of protein in a day."

"Yeah, and that's on the high-end, definitely, and you probably don't even need that much, it's just not going to hurt you to have that much. The negative effects of protein at that level are absolutely unfounded, there's absolutely zero research that show that. It's just nonsense that's perpetuated throughout, that's all... the old wise tale, so that's just not the case."

"Like let's take a 200 pound person, relatively low body fat then your lean body mass is going to be 180 pounds, let's just say, so 180 grams would probably suffice. Now if you're super, super active and your carbs are low, then..."

"Yeah, then you'd like your protein higher. And what I tell people a lot of times is that one gram per pound because more often times, people don't hit that mark through the day, so if you tell them to shoot for 200, they get around 175, 180, that's perfect."

"Yeah, and most of the people doing it, a lot of them are trying to get lean or stay lean, so you know, you want to make sure you're not burning protein for energy, so you want to ingest enough carbohydrates to have some energy, but also not too many so you can't burn body fat. So you want to stay just below that amount where you're kind of walking that tight rope of burning body fat and still building muscle."

"This also applies to women too; the more muscle you have, the more fat you're going to burn because next to your eye cells, your muscles are also the most metabolically active in the body. So having more of them increases your metabolism and metabolism can be summed up as just the sum total of chemical reactions in the body, that's really what it means. It's not anything fancy or anything beyond that, so."

"And another thing to cover is when we say protein, of course we are factoring in protein supplements but also protein from your food. A lot of times you get the question, "How many protein shakes so I take in a day," or, "When should I take this."

"What we recommend is if you get your meals in throughout the day, whatever else you need to meet your... let's say your 200 or 175 gram of your goal would be in protein supplements. So you've got in 125 grams from your food in a day, then you'll need around 50 grams of protein supplements."

"Assuming you're a 175- 200..."

"Assuming you're about that weight. So that's two to three scoops of protein right there."

"Yeah, and like you said they're supplements, so they supplement what you don't get from your diet and it's hard to get that much protein from your diet alone, so... I don't know what happened to my voice there, it just went up..."

"[Laughs] it did sound very high, I think you need some protein..."

"But feel free to comment on that so I don't care, so yeah. I don't know what happened there but I knew that people are going to comment on it, so that's why I'll just address it now, so please, you can make fun of me, it's cool."

"So yeah, you don't want to be eating four or five steaks in a day or some people can't stomach eating three to four chicken breast everyday..."

"It's hard, and the bigger you are, the harder it's going to be, that's the reality, granted you should have a higher appetite, but the line is not linear in terms of trying to attain that much, so that's where supplements matter."

"And also, the type of protein you're getting matters, the processing, you know, like this being a pure whey protein isolate, it's going to have more biological activity, a higher biological value because of the way they process it. That's something else to consider. So yeah, I think that kind of addresses it..."

"Pretty much covers it..."

"If you guys have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section of the video or the blog, we're happy to answer. Also, you can find us on Facebook at"

By Jeff Moriarty

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