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Introduction: Setting the Record Straight in the Supplement Industry

With the phenomenon of blogging sweeping the Internet, we have finally decided to throw our hat into the ring. Whether you're a long-time customer or just a curious first-timer who followed a link here, we appreciate your interest in Best Price Nutrition. Never before have we been given the opportunity toclarify who we are or why we're here on your computer screen - an opportunity we're excited about. So, without further ado, Best Price Nutrition was founded in 2000 by a group of like-minded individuals with backgrounds in science and education. At the time, we were unable to find a value-based web service that had a knowledgeable, readily accessible customer service staff that was up to our standards. We know its cliché, but there was a niche, and we decided to fill it. We thought people might like to get their product fast, too, so we decided to never deal with unreliable middlemen and simply acquired our own warehouse because we wanted to control all the variables ourselves. You'd be surprised how many discount sites on the web are simply affiliates who don't have their own inventory. This greatly compromises their ability to offer superior customer service. Suddenly, it was starting to look like a business model! The rest, as they say, is history, and our ten-year anniversary is fast approaching. It gives us a certain sense of satisfaction to look back and think about the sheer volume of people we've been able to reach. We have been cited with numerous accolades for this service, including being a 2008 Biz Rate Gold Honoree in the following categories: ease of site use, on-time delivery, overall satisfaction, customer service/support, products meeting expectations, and likelihood to shop again, and a 2008 Better Business Bureau Complaint Free Award. We strive for continuous improvement and fear complacency, so we're constantly searching for new ways to add value to our service. This blog will serve as another mouthpiece for you to tell us how.

The origin of this blog, then, is similar to our origins - the desire to offer another unique, value-intensive service. It has also sprung forth organically from our distaste for the nonsense that many of the other health and fitness blogs spew forth without regard. This is, in large part, a "me too" industry riddled with copycats who think they can use inferior ingredients to imitate their way into a quality product. Call us crazy, but we have an affinity for hard data and clinically proven results. As mentioned above, we still cling to our science roots, so we're sticklers for research standards and we will intensely scrutinize anything before we submit the results to you, the reader. Similarly, you won't find any videos on the best new exercises that we've invented and named after ourselves or research that was conducted in our basements. What you will find, first and foremost, is useful and applicable information that is relevant to the industry. We're also well connected, so stay on the look out for some guest bloggers with exciting content - both written and otherwise (videos, podcasts). Yup, we're pretty important - kind of a big deal. We might even have a leather-bound book or two. All kidding aside, what we can promise you is to bring our intense passion for what we do to this blog, and we hope that you will reciprocate by making us a part of your daily Internet routine. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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