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Jay Cutler Legend Pre-Workout Review

by Kuri Diaz

So every once in awhile I get to review a product. Sometimes they send us free products or samples and I decide to try them out. Reviewing pre-workout supplements is by far the easiest, since you can get a feeling if they work most of the time by just taking it for a couple a days. So when I saw a bottle of Jay Cutler Legend on my desk, I thought what the hell, let's try this out.

What is Jay Cutler Legend?

This is the new stimulant pre-workout supplement from the brand (well actually BPI Sports, who owns it). On the bottle they say it's recommended for programs where your goal is energy, power, endurance, strength or muscle pretty much everything right? It comes with 28 servings and the flavor I had was fruit punch.

Now I am not going to get into all the ingredients. That's what I have John and Glenn for...don't tell them I said that. We will be doing a video review eventually for this product, so they can fill you in then.

Pros of this Supplement

Well the first thing I liked was that it's actually 28 servings. They don't recommend taking more than one scoop. So this will really get your a month's worth of product. Many times they say 28 servings, but then it's something like, experienced users take 3 scoops...which means it might only last you 2 weeks.

They use creatine monohydrate and beta alanine. Unfortunately it's part of a proprietary blend, so you don't know how much.

They do say this product has about as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, so at least you get an idea that it has about 200mg of caffeine per scoop. Many companies keep you guessing.

And that's about it I liked...let's get into the cons.

Cons of this Supplement

Taste (5/10)

Fruit punch. I hate fruit punch. Only a few companies know how to get this flavor right. Jay Cutler wasn't one of them. Well I should say BPI Sports, since they own it. If you are going to try this supplement, go with the Blue Raspberry Flavor.Wasn't the worst I have had, but definitely no where near the best.

Energy (5/10)

So I tried it on two different days and really didn't get the energy boost I was expecting. With a product like 'Legend' I was expecting something "Legendary" but no. It was pretty average. I am by no means stimulant-sensitive, so if you are, you might get something out of it.

Pump (2/10)

I really didn't get any type of pump out this product. Now, Jay Cutler does have another pump product called Amino Pump, which is marketed as that. Maybe stacking the two would be different, but just taking this product, I got nothing, and one of my days was arm day.

Final Thoughts on Legend

Overall I don't think this is beats many of the pre-workout supplements on the market today. You can try it on your own and see if it works for you, but I would personally skip it, or try stacking it with the Amino Pump product. Hopefully I will get a chance to review the other products in the line to see if they did a better job of developing those.

By Jeff Moriarty

Kuri Diaz
Kuri Diaz

Kuri is the Marketing Supervisor with a degree in Applied Science in Digital Media & Communication. Starting as a Content Writer, Kuri moved up to supervisor to focus on improving people's health through nutrition, supplements, blog posts, storytelling, and fitness, along with being a huge coffee fan and dinosaur enthusiast,

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