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Kre Alkalyn vs Creatine Monohydrate Review

There are many forms of creatine on the market now. There used to be just creatine monohydrate. With all the different forms how do you know which form is the most effective for you? You don't want to pay too much. You don't want a form that doesn't give you the results that the original monohydrate does.

One of the types that seem to stand out and are praised by many customers is Kre-Alkalyn Creatine. But how does it compare to regular old creatine monohydrate? Glenn and John dive into both and look at the research behind them.

Kre-Alkalyn Vs Creatine Monohydrate Video

Video Transcription

John: Hello again, everybody. This is John and Glen with Today we're gonna be reviewing kre-alkalyn. It's an ingredient that you're gonna see in a fair amount of supplements. Some people have turned to use that.

The reason why it became popular is because creatine is popular. Creatine is a great ingredient specifically creatine monohydrate. There's a ton of research, documenting the effectiveness of creatine and its ability to recycle A.T.P. in the body. It's the best performance enhancing supplement on the market.

Glenn: Yeah, and it's also the most studied -- human clinical trials, peer-reviewed studies on creatine. There's tons of them, not only for athletic performance but also for the brain.

John: Mental acuity, definitely. It's a great product, great ingredients. Now kre-alkalyn is trying to capitalize on that popularity of creatine by trying to exploit creatine, say, bloat you. While all these bloating myths as far as creatine monohydrate is concerned came from the fact that a lot of the creatines originally came out Phospagen H.P., Cell Tech. Seventy-five grams of sugar per serving is what was recommended. If you're sucking down 75 grams of sugar and you're doing when they were before saying, "Do a loading phase four times a day for five days," that will get you bloated.

Glenn: Three-hundred grams of straight sugar per day. That's a lot of sugar and you're gonna get bloated.

John: Even taking the 75-gram ones, that's going to get you bloated. Creatine hyperhydrates the muscle cell. That's a positive effect of it. That's what it does. You want that water in the muscle cell. It actually makes the cell more anabolic. The notion that that's bad is silly. It's not subcutaneous fluid beneath the skin like the way sodium would increase. This is in the cell. It's actually a good thing.

That being said, let's talk on some studies about kre-alkalyn that you wanted to reference. The main selling point that they're trying to say with kre-alkalyn is that kre-alkalyn being that it's more alkalyn is going to decrease the rate of converting to creatinine, which therefore would increase absorption. That's what they're saying.

Glenn: Right, that's what they're saying. The studies that have come out have shown that creatine monohydrate for one breaks down into creatinine at a rate of about 1% in the stomach. They studied it against kre-alkalyn and they found that kre-alkalyn breaks down 35% more into creatinine in the stomach. This company or I should say the kre-alkalyn people are saying that it's buffered. It's not gonna breakdown as much. Well, there's a study right there that was peer-reviewed to show that there is less of a breakdown in creatinine monohydrate in the stomach than kre-alkalyn.

John: So not only is creatine monohydrate more well-researched. It's cheaper and it actually is better, because of that effect.

Glenn: Yes, exactly. There was a study that was funded by All American E.F.X. on their product. It's their study, their product that was used in the study to show it's beneficial.

John: It's not a peer-reviewed study...

Glenn: Not a peer-reviewed study.

John: far as we're concerned.

Glenn: Now we're not saying that kre-alkalyn is a bad supplement. It's more expensive. Creatine monohydrate breaks down less the creatinine in the stomach. Can it be beneficial? Yes, but is it as beneficial as creatine monohydrate? No.

John: Yeah, the evidence said this point is anecdotal because you're gonna run into people who are saying, "I swear it works better this time," but that's... We don't mean to be so dismissive of that, but because that's why we do double-blind to see those studies because we can give the same people sugar pills and tell them, "Hey, it's working better than the creatine monohydrate." That's why we have to study these things and actually get some real blood markers and things of that nature to know exactly what's working in actual measurables.

Yeah, I think that covers it.

Glenn: That covered it.

John: Yeah. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section of our blog or on the video. Also you could find us on Thank you.

Glenn: Thank you.

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