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Bodybuilding supplements for christmas

Santa's Supplements for a Christmas Body - Holiday Gifts for Bodybuilders

Stay Fit Like Santa!

It’s that time of year again! And all the stress is put on Santa Clause to get all the presents to you Christmas morning. All year long Santa prepares himself physically and mentally to take on the stress of Christmas. Here are is the list of supplements that Santa takes to prepare himself for Christmas!



As you would imagine, Santa needs a load of energy because he has to stay up all night to deliver your Christmas Presents.


Muscle Building

Being Santa doesn’t come easy. There’s a lot of hard work and manual labor that goes into it. Because of this Santa has to make sure he has enough muscle and strength to perform all his duties, like carrying all those gifts! 


Fat Loss

Eating cookies all day long can really put a toll on you. Santa has to trim down the fat so he’s able to get down the chimney. Because of this he makes sure to have a supply of his favorite fat burning supplements.



After a long year of preparing and an even tougher night getting all the presents to the houses Santa needs a long recovery process. Because of this he always have recovery supplements on hand just in case!


Quick Eats

Santa’s on the go and eating cookies all day long isn’t going to help him finish dropping off all the packages before Christmas day, that’s why he carries protein bars and RTDs with him to get the protein he needs instead of the carbs and fats from all the cookies.


Mood Enhancement

With all this work, he could be put in a mad mood, but he’s Santa so he has to be jolly. Because of this he has to make sure to take something to keep him happy and upbeat!

Staying Up All Night(Energy/Endurance)

APS Nutrition - Mesomorph

The number one pre-workout and endurance enhancer, Santa knows what's up! Packed with 300mg of caffeine, this stuff keeps Santa awake all night while delivering his gifts! Mesomorph also contains Citrulline Malate for pumps and endurance along with Ascorbic Acid for better performance! 

Hi-Tech - Jack'd Up

Another one of Santa's favorites is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Jack'd Up! This formula boosts your Nitric Oxide Levels to get that amazing pump feeling. On top of that, it builds endurance and strength. You need all that if you are carry heavy presents all night! 

Carrying All The Gifts(Muscle Building)

Allmax Nutrition - Creatine

This will help you improve your performance while increasing muscle mass, strength and size. Creatine monohydrate is the most studied sports supplement in the world and has enough studies and research to prove the positive effects it has on the body and muscle building.

Allmax Nutrition - Beta Alanine

That's right! Santa uses Beta Alanine that has been proven to increase endurance and stamina to you work more and then gain more muscle! This powder increases performance and decreases muscles fatigue. That's why Santa uses it!

So Many Cookies! (Fat Loss)

Hi-Tech - Lipodrene

Santa's number one favorite fat burner anywhere! Lipodrene helps to stop fat making and melt the fat and fat storage you have right off while giving you energy! It's also known to stop cravings and keep you awake, no wonder why Santa carries it with him.

Metabolic Nutrition - Synedrex

One of Santa's favorite fat burners, Synedrex! This is a one in a kind thermogenic fat burner that turns your body into a hot fat burning machine. Synedrex is known to help with glucose levels and keeping your cravings in check while also giving you all day energy! 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - HydroxyElite

HydroxyElite is one of the most popular fat burners out there, no wonder why Santa carries it on his pouch! With the power of DMHA, HydroxyElite gives you amazing energy, burns fat and calories, improves your mood and even stops your cravings! If you want to know the power of DMHA, HydroxyElite is your fat burner. 

Sore after a night of deliveries (Recovery)

Allmax Nutrition - IsoFlex Protein

How does Santa stayed recovered after all the gift deliveries? Protein! Whey Protein Isolate is the best thing you can take to recover! Allmax IsoFlex helps increase muscle, increase recovery and just taste good! With 27g of protein, this powder will help you recover quickly and reduce muscle fatigue. 

ALRI - Humapro

Recovery is super important! If you recover better, you can be like Santa and push through! Humapro is one of the best post workout supplements. This can improve your recovery time by giving you amino acids and BCAAs. Adding more protein, bcaas and aminos can give you a faster and better recovery.

Scivation - Xtend BCAAs

Get more support with BCAAs! Scivation Xtend is packed with BCAAs to help recovery and even has some fat burning properties. On top of that, Xtend helps to replenish your electrolytes so you are less likely to get muscle fatigue! 

Need a better snack than cookies! (Protein Snacks)

Quest Nutrition - Protein Bars

You wonder how Santa keeps his cravings in check? Or how he keeps up with all those cookies? Quest Bars are your answer! Packed with pure protein and less than 1 gram of sugar, these bars are your go to snack for a long night. Quest bars also help your gut health and help promote healthy immune system! 

Garden Of Life - Performance Protein Bar

Backed up by effectiveness, Garden of Life is one of the brands everyone, even Santa knows about! Santa likes plant based protein bars as well and is a great option if you have dietary restrictions. Boost your performance and cravings with this healthy snack! 

Being up all night changes your mood!(Mood Enhancers)

Irwin Naturals - Sunny Mood

This is the answer to boost your mood and just general health. Irwin Naturals Sunny Mood can promote positive mental mood with vitamins and minerals. Feel great and be great!

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