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The Top 3 Best Selling High Protein Bars

In this post, we are going to cover our 3 best selling high protein bars. We are not looking for just any protein bar, we are looking for the best tasting and highest protein bars online voted by our customers and loved by our staff!

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#3 – Oh Yeah! Protein Bars

Protein: 27 Grams
Fat: 13 Grams
Carbs: 8 Grams of Sugar
Bars: 12/Box
Buy for $25.99

Review:This is a new bar that came around just a couple years ago, but people are going “oh yeah!” just about every time they eat it. It’s #3 on our list of best tasting, high protein bars, but it’s still a customer favorite. Definitely something to try! The favorite flavor is Peanut Butter Caramel.

More Information on Oh Yeah! Bars:
Maybe that’s hard for you to swallow. After all, you’ve bit on this kind of hype before and chewed your way through dozens of nutrition bars. What you remember is the texture and a bitter aftertaste. Well, those days are over. Now there’s one health bar that tastes so good, you’ll swear it’s bad for you. No kidding. It’s that good. Oh Yeah! Bars are jam packed with protein and loaded with roasted peanuts. After all that it’s drizzled with soft caramel and surrounded by creamy milk chocolate. One bite and you’ll understand how the bar got it’s name! Oh Yeah!…Learn More

#2 – Supreme Carb Conscious Bars

Protein: 30 Grams
Fat: 14 Grams
Carbs: 7 Grams of Sugar
Bars: 12/Box
Buy for $31.99

Review: Yes…we have the smaller ones of these as the best low carb bars, but the large bars are full of protein and less carbs that a lot of other bars…but the big thing is they taste incredible. We recommend the Caramel Nut Chocolate. This flavor is what made these bars famous.

More Information on Supreme Bars:
Talk about the complete package! We think nothing delivers higher quality protein with more sensational flavor than the amazing new Supreme Protein bar. Unwrap one of these delicious muscle-building treats and you’ll be thrilled at how unbelievably good it truly is!* The original Supreme Protein Carb Conscious bar is packed with premium-grade protein blend, powered by more high-quality whey isolate than any other product of its kind. This pure and powerful protein is formulated with amino content, bioavailability and muscle-building benefits…Learn More

#1 – Detour Protein Bars

Protein: 30 Grams
Fat: 11 Grams
Carbs: 11 Grams of Sugar
Bars: 12/Box Buy for $23.99

Review: These are absolutely amazing tasting. The caramel peanut is one of the best tasting flavors we have in our store. I can see going wrong with this bar. It’s filling, tastes great and gives you 30 grams of protein.

More Information on Detour Bars:
The original Detour bar was the high protein bar that cracked the taste barrier delivering all the nutritional benefits of whey protein in a delicious triple layer “candy” bar.* Whey is the ultimate protein because it is a naturally complete protein. It contains all of the essential amino acids, the building blocks of strong lean muscle, your body needs every day.* Whey is often called a “fast” protein because it is easy to digest and efficiently absorbed into your body providing an ideal fuel to working muscles.* This unbeatable combination of the right building blocks at the right time makes the whey protein found in Detour bars the right nutrition for improving body composition and enhancing athletic performance…Learn More

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