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Top 10 Estrogen Blockers & Anti-Estrogen Supplements

Find Out What The Top 10 Estrogen Blockers & Anti-Estrogen Supplements are!

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual and reproductive development.  It plays a role in sex drive, sperm production, fat distribution, red cell production, maintenance of muscle strength and mass, and is important for overall health and well-being in men.  If you are working to manage your testosterone levels, then you may turn to estrogen blockers to help balance your hormones. 

Testosterone levels increase as estrogen levels are lowered.  Men need estrogen, but only in a much smaller dose than women.  As men age, testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase.  Too much estrogen can lead to gynecomastia (man breasts), increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and then can eventually lead to cancer. 

Estrogen blockers help increase the amount of testosterone in the blood, which then helps increase muscle growth and strength.  These anti estrogen supplements act as aromatase inhibitors.  Aromatase is an enzyme that is essential in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and by blocking the action of this enzyme; it is believed that testosterone levels will rise and cause estrogen levels to decrease. 

Read Below To Find Out The Top 10


PEScience - Erase Pro+

Physique Enhancing Science Erase Pro provides you with a hardcore formula that gears toward that defined, dry, hard look that we all desire.  This is a complete one dose per day super testosterone boosting, estrogen crushing, and cortisol stomping breakthrough that will get you jacked.  It is also a popular supplement for gyno.  It helps reduce estrogen quickly and you will notice increased definition around the abs as well as seeing muscle hardening and strength gains.  This version of Erase is gentler on joints so if you have joint issues, then this is perfect for you.  The hardcore ingredient in this blend is known as a naturally occurring inhibitor of aromatase and it can not only reduce estrogen levels but also raise levels of testosterone.    


Blackstone Labs - Eradicate

Blackstone Labs Eradicate can help reduce any possible water retention, eliminate the chance of the development of male breast tissue, and maintain a healthy sex drive.  It is a potent aromatase inhibitor used to decrease circulating levels of estrogen in the boy and will reduce the amount of androgens in the bod that can convert into estrogen.  It is known as a suicide aromatase inhibitor, which means that it binds to the aromatase enzyme and it cannot be reversed. 


IronMag Labs - E-Control Rx 2.0

IronMag Labs E-Control helps reduce estrogen while lowering water retention, increasing libido, and reducing the chance of getting gyno.  If you’re looking to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen, then E-Control can help do that and help you achieve a dryer, leaner look.  This blend contains arimistane, which is a powerful estrogen reducing ingredient that helps elevate the user’s natural myotropic state which then leads to more muscle mass, better recovery, decreased fat storage, and increased libido.  It reduces estrogen while producing a drying and hardening effect and showing increases in vascularity and increased definition. 


Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals - Estrogenex Depot

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenex Depot is a hardcore versatile formula that helps you attain that defined, hard look.  This powerful estrogen destroyer will help improve your performance dramatically.  When you have high levels of naturally occurring estrogen in your body, it prevents your body the ability to produce sufficient testosterone and then also converts testosterone to estrogen.  Erase will shut that conversion down so you can obtain your goals and achieve the body you want.


Serious Nutrition Solution - Inhibit-E Capsules

SNS is back with a brand new Inhibit-E which is world's ahead of the previous formula. This was formulated with a combination of new cutting edge ingredients that not only help to lower estrogen levels in men, but also help regulate estrogen levels and boost natural testosterone levels. This makes it the perfect formula for a better over all physique. Inhibit-E sets the bar for estrogen control. From the results you are going to achieve, to the cost of the product, to the effectiveness, there is no better estrogen control supplement in the sports nutrition industry.


Olympus Labs - ELIM1NATE

Olympus Labs Elim1nate contains ultra high, ultra pure levels of the powerful anti-oestrogenic Androst 3,5-dien-7,17-dione. It targets oestrogen levels in the body, helping to reduce fat levels and lean you out. It is ideal for use during PCT to combat the high oestrogen levels caused by coming off of your prohormone cycle.


Muscle Addiction - Eradicate-E Capsules

Eradicate-E is a powerful anti-catabolic modifier that controls unwanted estrogen to promote a leaner, drier, and harder physique. When you restrict your calorie intake, your body will naturally enter what is known as a catabolic (muscle-wasting) state, where it uses muscle tissue for energy. By keeping your body out of a catabolic state, Eradicate-E promotes fat being used for energy instead so you don’t waste any of your hard-earned gains! The key function of Eradicate-E is its ability to control unwanted estrogen in your body. Each serving contains 25mg of Arimistane (Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione), one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitors on the market.


iFORCE - Reversitol V2 84 Caps

Reversitol V2 is an parabolic, hormone-regulating supplement from iFORCE Nutrition. Testosterone levels decline as we age, and it has a huge impact on our body's ability to build and maintain muscle. Optimizing hormonal output also helps limit subcutaneous water storage, producing a leaner, more defined physique.

iFORCE Reversitol V2 contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that increase testosterone levels, while simultaneously lowering estrogen levels. An parabolic and anti-catabolic environment is created. This allows our body to increase size, strength, recovery, and enhances our sexual performance. 


iForce - Intimidate SRT

iForce Intimidate SRT helps support estrogen balance to torch fat.  It helps support a healthy estrogen to testosterone balance which helps promote increased strength, hardness, and significant fat loss.  This formula contains brassiopsis glomerulata which helps support a healthy estrogen balance.  Intimidate SRT also helps enhance rest and recovery to help you build some serious mass.  This supplement supports key anabolic hormones which help place your body in a purely anabolic state to bring you more muscle gains in less time. 


APS - Arimigen

Estrogen can have many undesirable effects on the male body. Unfortunately, a testosterone increase goes hand in hand with a raise in estrogen levels. Raised estrogen levels can cause weight gain, body fat, and water retention, three things no athlete or body builder wants to deal with. Arimigen is designed to raise your testosterone levels and reduce these negative side effects that can occur when your estrogen levels begin to rise. This supplement will help your body maintain the correct estrogen to testosterone ratio and maximize free testosterone. Your hormone levels will be stabilized & back to normal after a rough cycle when you use Arimigen.

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