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TruNutrition Discontinued...Now Body Nutrition?

We all love the TruNutrition Sciences...especially their Trutein protein. The flavors, the texture, the price. Here at Best Price Nutrition it's actually one of our top selling protein brands. Everyone of our customers raves about how good it tastes and the seasonal flavors.

Bad News...TruNutrition Sciences is no more...

Not To Fear...There is Good News

TruNutrition is being reborn as Body Nutrition. Same protein, new name, and like how the phoenix rises from the ashes, Body Nutrition will be greater than ever.

We have been literally planning this reincarnation for the entire last year. We have all sorts of surprises in store for you over the next 12 months and beyond. There will practically be a new product - perhaps something unique, perhaps something with an uncommon twist on an old favorite, perhaps something UNEXPECTED - every month of this year.

Yes, Trutein will be staying. And yes we'll be releasing more new & exciting Trutein flavors than ever before along with new monthly flavor specials. Maybe even Shamrock Shake? But wait till you find out what else is in store - and it's A LOT more than just protein. Yet unfortunately, we can't just give it all away just yet!

By Jeff Moriarty

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