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USPLabs Test Powder Supplement in Stock

Seems that every new supplement USPLabs comes out with, comes in with a roar. This product has been somewhat quiet since being released to testers. What is this new product? USPLabs Test Powder.

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From USPLabs:

You know it means everything in and out of the gym. Look around the internet and you see the lengths people will go to try and increase it but just the smallest of marks. I know you've been around awhile and have seen a lot of things come and go...but I guarantee you've never anything like this before!

It's the next level of physique recomposition. A test boosting, multi-pathway ergogenic powder that'll help you crush PRs and send your libido through the roof!


We are unsure of the ingredients right now, but as soon as they are released, be sure that we will review it. Right now, much of what we know is that it's a 4 week cycle and 48 scoops.

For our other reviews on USPLabs products, checkout our Youtube Channel!

Buy USPLabs Test Powder for $45.99 Now!

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