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Glenn's Weight Loss Challenge 1 Week Update

I'm coming up on my first full week of dieting and a new exercise program and my first thought is, "Man I'm sore!" I worked out legs for the first time in months last Saturday and now I'm walking around here like I just had a colonoscopy done (believe me I know what this is like and it ain't fun). I won't complain though because this is good soreness. The workouts are going well. I have been logging them using an iPhone app called JEFIT: Glenn’s Workout Logs. This app has been great for me to keep track of workouts and give you an insight into what my workouts look like. My overall goal besides weight loss is to increase strength and add some lean mass. As you can see in my before pics I need to add some muscle to these small arms and hopefully get a biceps peak out of it. We've got a lot of guys around the office and they think that they can throw around a bicep shot and that makes them a tough guy so I've got to get in the game... But I'm still a tough guy without biceps.

I must say I've missed the enjoyment and high of a good workout and am happy that I finally have that back. In my middle 20's I got lazy and just lost the motivation to work out. I'd work 10-12 hours and then just go home because the last thing I could think of was going to the gym. I'd look for anyway to talk my way out of a workout. Now I can't wait to get to the gym. That's a great feeling and knowing that I have support and followers to hold me accountable gives me the drive to get in there. I'm already getting yelled at for not doing cardio everyday!

The diet has been going well also. I'm noticing that my calories and carbohydrates are higher on workout days but that's expected. I've been within a hundred or so calories of my 2200 per day mark. I'm using 2200 calories as my daily goal because leading up to the diet I was eating around 2500-3000 per day. I'll be shooting for at least 2 pounds per week in weight loss to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 12 weeks. I haven't been going hungry and this has a lot to do with the macronutrient breakdown of the diet. My diet is Paleo-ish and focuses on lean meats and vegetables. I am allowing myself high glycemic carbs in my post workout shake to replenish glycogen and also am including dairy in the form of greek yogurt. I am eating a lot of healthy fats from macadamia nuts and avocado. The fats in macadamia nuts and avocado are monounsatured fats. These fats can help lower cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis. I'm also getting some fats from meat. The small amount of fat in the red meat I eat is saturated but that is not bad. Saturated fats enhance calcium absorption and immune function. They aid in the body's synthesis of the essential fatty acids and provide a rich source of fat soluble vitamins. I add in a protein shake or two per day to meet my protein goal also. While dieting it is always good to get the majority of your calories from whole foods because it takes more energy to breakdown whole food than it does a ready made shake.

I have also managed to get through my first weekend without my favorite vice, BEER! I love beer and will continue to drink it but now I will practice moderation. No more binges on beer with 10% alcohol and late night tacos... Okay maybe in moderation. I have a fridge full of these and making it through last weekend's Bears game without drinking a few was rough:

I drink socially with friends and thoroughly enjoy the taste of good beer. I'll use moderation as my guide and will also make sure to earn my beer calories with a tough workout beforehand. Many of you might be saying "You're dieting, you shouldn't drink!" While that may help to totally abstain from alcohol, I want to enjoy this process and make it more about a lifestyle change than a quick fix and forget about it. If I can manage to get in great workouts throughout the week and then want to have a few drinks then I will. But I'll be sure to control my hunger during this and avoid the family size pizzas and Taco Bell. It's all about moderation.

Speaking of moderation, Thanksgiving is this week and wow did I pick a great time to document a diet and exercise program to 100's of people! I'll make sure to keep my calories low and make healthy food choices on Thanksgiving day. I'll get some turkey and ham and load up on green beans to keep me full. I'll also be sure to workout that morning. Again I'll be earning my calories. But I'll avoid the sweets though. "Cakes and Pies, Cakes and Pies!"

Well wish me luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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