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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

If you're looking for some helpful Christmas gift ideas for fitness fanatics, look no further. BPN has hand-picked some great Christmas finds for your favorite gym junkie! We have broken it down into specific categories: Here are some of BPN's top three's of the year 2019!


1. Ancient Nutrition's Multi Collagen Protein Beauty + Sleep 

Time to kiss those wrinkles goodbye with collagen! Ancient Nutrition Dr. Axe has found a way to relieve all your stress after work with an easy drink that can help with your skin as well! Enjoy this tasty protein powder that can get you in a relaxed mood with lavender and help you with anti-aging!

2. Vital Protein's Collagen Beauty Glow

This drink is easily digested & soluble in either hot OR cold liquids. Just take one scoop to your favorite drink daily to help give a special glow to your hair, skin, nails, bones & joints,

3. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

Spice up your morning Cup O' Joe with Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer. This powdered creamer combines coconut milk and collagen peptides for an added boost of protein. It's great for healthy hair, skin & nails, bone & joint health, and digestion.


1. Bucked Up's BAMF

If you're looking for a pre-workout formula to change up your workout game, look no further. BAMF by Bucked Up is is a scientifically tested, non-proprietary formula with no fillers. It is also loaded with the most important & essential ingredients needed to give you an amazing workout. 

2. Sparta Nutrition's Hydrashred

Losing weight can be difficult, especially when you hit a plateau. Everyone knows that looking good and building muscle all while losing fat can take extreme dedication, and can be hard work.  HydraShred is one of the most intense and ultra-strength lipolytic fat burner supplements on the market.

3. Blackstone Labs' Dust V2

Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2 is an extreme pre-workout formula that will blow your mind and will give you strength, endurance, power, and pumps like you’ve never seen before! A couple of years ago, Blackstone Labs introduced their strongest and most potent pre-workout formula of all time which was Angel Dust. Over the past two years, Angel Dust helped reinvent how bodybuilders and athletes looked at a pre-workout supplementation.


1. Smart, Sweets' Gummy Bears

Finally, a company has come out with the first candy ever to kick sugar! But Smart Sweets is doing this differently. Not like others using sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. And every ingredient used in these delicious gummy bears is non-GMO. You can finally indulge in some sweet gummy bear goodness without the guilt!

2. Cloud10's Marshmellow Crispy Treats

The classic marshmallow treat just grew up. Cloud10 gives customers all those fun chewy flavors in a bar that offers 15g of protein with 40% sugar than the traditional bar.

3. Finaflex's Oatmeal Protein Pies

If you're looking for a sweet & nostalgic way to switch up your protein intake regimen, look no further. This new, delicious protein snack brought to you by Finaflex is nearly the exact replica of a Little Debbie's oatmeal cream pie you may remember enjoying as a kid! They are packed with 14 whole grams of the highest quality protein in every. single. pie.


1. ZenEvo's Sleepy Sweet Chocolates

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you searching for a Melatonin supplement that works well & tastes delicious? If so, then look no further! ZenEvo now has the solution for you thanks to their new sleepytime White Chocolate snack! This product is infused with Melatonin, a hormone that is naturally found in the body to help you sleep. This product will help you relax, unwind & make it easier to fall & stay asleep.

2. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Somatomax

Struggling to fall asleep at night? You’re not alone! In today’s modern world, sleep often gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list, but skipping out on sleep can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. Whether you’re being kept up by your pre-workout or fat burner, or if you just don’t have enough hours in the day, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is here to ensure that you get the best night of sleep possible with Somatomax.

3. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Melatonin

If you're looking to get and stay in REM sleep or are just trying to relax, look no further. The brand new Melatonin supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals will help you do just that! If you're looking for an all natural, non-habit forming & completely drug free sleep aid, be sure to give Hi-Tech Melatonin today!! Catch up on some much needed Z's!!


1. CTD Sports' Isolicious

Tired of the same old bland tasting protein powder? Protein powders are usually more or less the same thing, despite small differences between flavors. But this protein tastes like breakfast cereal to appeal to your inner child! Enter Isolicious whey protein powder! This high quality 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate Protein with 25 grams of protein will finally have you looking forward to drinking your protein!

2. Redcon1's Ration

Treat your taste buds and muscles to exactly what they deserve, a forceful serving of Whey Protein Hydrolysate and concentrate ready to saturate your muscles and increase your recovery following intense workouts.

3. PEScience's Select Protein

Physical Enhancing Science Select protein is a blend of Whey/Casein Protein that will bring you to your goal of gaining more muscle and getting leaner! The Whey/casein protein is the new scientifically backed way to building muscle faster. Whey/Casein work synergistic together, meaning that together it will not only build muscle but it will build the muscle faster then standard Whey Protein.


1. Top Secret Nutrition's BCAA Re-Igniter

Have you gone to the gym and after your done, you just feel completely out of it? Like you have to drag your whole body? Or that aching feeling a few days after? Put a stop to that and take Top Secret's BCAA Re-Igniter supplement! When you work out, you deplete your aminos and nutrients and that's why you get that groggy feeling. Taking BCAAs can help hydrate your muscles, support recovery and even enhance performance.

2. Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy

Amino Energy is an amino acid powder that helps you train longer and harder with intense energy and focus. This formula combines a powerful ratio of rapidly absorbed free-form amino acids with natural energizers and N.O. boosting ingredients to help you reach your next level. It also includes muscle-building BCAA's and arginine to help support intense, vascular pumps.

3. Axe & Sledge's The Grind

If you're looking for a great EAA, BCAA & hydration product, look no further. The Grind by Axe & Sledge is a delicious & refreshing product that'll provide you with the BCAAs your muscles need & hydrate you at the same time! It's formula will also help you recover much, much quicker after a tough workout or series of workouts.


1. Blackstone Labs' Epi Cat

EpiCat is the new way to take you workouts to a new level to get you shredded! No changing you work out or even your diet, this product relies completely on the genetic modification that EpiCat does to make you build lean muscle.

2. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' 1-AD

Are you ready to get in the gym and just tear it apart? You can be the animal inside you with 1-AD! One of the most popular Prohormones out there because it works, 1-AD helps boost your testosterone levels so you can show off in the gym.

3. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Anavar

There are 3 major functions that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar is well versed in that most other products have a hard time doing. Those functions are the capability to boost nitrogen retention, slow down SHBG and Obstruct Glucocorticoid Hormones. Now, that sounds all fine and great but what does this all mean? How does this help one gain their ideal body. Let's break it down.


1. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Stimerex-ES

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Stimerex-ES is the ultimate fat burner. The formula contains 25mg of Ephedra Extract / ephedrine alkaloids, along with Yohimbe and Green Tea Extract. Stimerex-ES is truly one of the strongest fat burners on the market today. You get the extreme energy, mental focus, and weight loss you want in a supplement.

2. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Hydroxyelite

Do you miss the original OxyElite Pro or the original Hydroxycut? Well Oxy is back in HydroxyElite by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. This powerful formula consists of DMHA, which is a powerhouse ingredient everyone loves. It's finally made it's return. But in this product, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals took it even further and put in other amazing ingredients to make this formula the strongest fat burner on the market today.

3. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Lipodrene

Our top selling thermogenic fat loss supplement for the last 3 years has been Lipodrene from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Lipodrene is the most potent diet aid on the market today to help you lose fat. Unlike other formulas, this product contains proven ingredients (Caffeine, Ephedra) to literally dissolve the fat around your midsection, Glutes, and Thighs. It can also help burn fat in the Arms, Chest and other areas of the body.

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