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5 Best Caffeine Pills for Energy & Weight Loss on a Budget

5 Best Caffeine Pills for Energy & Weight Loss on a Budget

5 Best Caffeine Pills For Energy

What Are Caffeine Pills?

Caffeine Pills are supplements that help to stimulate the central nervous system to help users stay awake, stay alert, and stay focused. They are also often used for weight loss and dieting as they give you more energy keeping you more active, they also increase thermogenesis. 

So how does straight up caffeine differ from a pre workout? While most pre workouts do contain caffeine, most contain other stimulants as well like DMHA, along with other ingredients meant to improve athletic performance, so things like Beta Alanine, Arginine, Citrulline, and sometimes even Nootropics, where as caffeine is just energy. 

While some people use caffeine for energy, to stay up late, to study, or for driving, others use it as a pre-workout, and some use it to add a stimulant to a non-stim pump pre workout or a non-stim fat burner.

Regardless of your reason for using caffeine pills, caffeine can be a very affordable and cheap form of energy and can be stacked or used in conjnction with other supplements you take. 

Our Top 5 Caffeine Pills

Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) Caffeine 501 is going to take the number one spot. A tub of Caffeine 501 contains as the name alludes to 501 caffeine pills, each capsule containing 200mg of caffeine andhydrous which equals about 2 diner sized cups of coffee. This is a good amount of caffeine without being too much. At a price of $26.99 that comes to only a nickel per capsule and if you take one per day that will last you almost a year and a half. Whether you're looking for something to keep you up on a long drive, give you a bit of energy to hit the gym after work, or something to stack with your non-stim pre-workout you can't go wrong with SNS Caffeine 501. 

Coming in at number two is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Caffeine Power. Hi-Tech is a quality company who puts out great supplements. This one isn't quite as cost effective as SNS Caffeine 501 but comes in a smaller 100 count bottle so is lighter on the wallet at just $5.95 for a bottle, and is a better option for those just wanting to grab a bottle for a road trip or something, but who don't plan on taking it for a prolonged period of time. The label on Caffeine Power doesn't state whether it's caffeine anhydrous, dicaffeine malate or a blend, but we're going to assume it's caffeine anhydrous. 

Coming in at number three is Allmax Nutrition's Caffeine. Like the others it contains 200mg of caffeine anhydrous and similar to Hi-Tech contains 100 tablets per bottle. This one comes in at a price of just $4.99 per 100 tablet bottle. Many fans of Allmax Nutrition will stack Allmax Caffeine with Amino Energy if they're looking to give their Amino Energy a little more of a boost of energy than the 100mg per 2 scoops it contains. 

Coming in at number four is PrimaForce Caffeine. Like all the previous suggestions Primaforce Caffeine contains 200mg of caffeine per tablet, and like Hi-Tech they don't specify the type of caffeine, though we're going to assume it's anhydrous. PrimaForce Caffeine comes in a 90 tab bottle for $6.99 making it slightly more expensive than Allmax and Hi-Tech's Caffeine, although still pretty easy on the wallet. 

Coming in at number five is another caffeine from Serious Nutrition Solutions called simply caffeine. This one is essentially the same product as Caffeine 501 however in a smaller bottle containing 120 tablets per bottle. Not quite as cost effective as the larger size, but again for something who just needs some energy for a road trip or vacation but who doesn't plan on using it long-term may like this smaller bottle. 

Wrapping Up

So while some supplements vary greatly in terms of the formulas and quality of the brands manufacturing them, caffeine is a pretty straight forward ingredient. All the caffeine tablets we've looked at today contain 200mg of caffeine anhydrous, so it really comes down to the size of the bottle your looking for, the price point, and if you have a loyalty to one particular brand. Whether you're looking for some help staying up while driving or studying, or whether you're looking for some clean energy to stack with your non-stim fat burner or preworkout, these are all great options for you. 

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