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6 NEW IronMagLabs Prohormones Coming in June!

IronMagLabs Releasing 6 NEW Products! (PRE-ORDER NOW)

 IronMag Labs New Prohormones

IronMaglabs not only weathered the 2014 Prohormone Ban, but they seem to be stronger than ever.  The company best known for industry leaders like 1-Andro Rx and 4-Andro, will be launching 4 new products in June 2015!  We also heard word that 2 other IronMagLabs products are set to be released, but have not heard if they will be released with the other products.

The prohormone industry suffered a big setback in 2014, with many of the most effective supplements being banned.  IronMagLabs has remained a leader in this category while other companies have folded.  The release of 6 brand new products indicates that the company is all in.  We expect more details to come out shortly, but we will give an overview of the products below.

What 4 IronMagLabs Products Are Being Released June 2015?

Super EPI Andro

We have not received any information regarding the ingredient profile for this product, but we will update our customers as more information becomes available. 

Super Nor Andro

No ingredient profile has been released yet for this product either.  It may be an Andro stack of multiple productsm but we don't have confirmation yet.  When IronMagLabs give us more information we will pass it on.

Super 1 Andro & Super 4 Andro

You might already be aware that IronMagLabs already has 1-Andro and 4-Andro supplements in their product line.  We don't have confirmation, but we assume that Super 1 Andro and Super 4 Andro will be updated versions of these products.

The current incarnation of these products are among the best-selling prohormones on the Best Price Nutrition website, so we are really loooking forward to the new, updated formulas.

What is the Release Date for These Prohormones?

We are anticipating a June 15th release date for Super 5 PI Andro, Super Nor Andro, Super 1 Andro, and Super 4 Andro.  IronMagLabs has been hinting at a release date for awhile now, but we are confident these supplements will be available in two weeks.

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Even More IronMagLabs Supplements Coming!

5A Laxogen

Yes, there are two more IronMagLabs supplements being released.  This brings the total to 6!  The products listed above are set to be released in June 2015.  We don't have a release date for these 2 products, although they may be available in June also. 

Dream N Grow Deep Sleep

The ingredient profile is not available for this product yet, but we anticipate compounds that help with both sleep quality and increases in lean muscle mass.  The product label promises deep sleep, which really helps with muscle growth and recovery.

5A Laxogen Rx

This has become a popular compound because it increases muscle size and strength quickly.

• Similar Anabolic/Androgenic Ratios to Anavar Without the Liver Toxicity

• Muscle and Strength Gains

• Increased Protein Synthesis up to 200%

• Anti-Inflammatory

• No Steroid Positive Test


IronMagLabs is releasing 6 new products.  4 of these products are set to be released on June 15th, with 5A Laxogen Rx and Dream N Grow Deep Sleep yet to have a confirmed release date.  This is really exciting news for users looking to make dramatic improvements in their physiques without the use of anabolic steroids.

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