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Alpha Lion's Cheetah Burn Fat Burner Now Available

by John Frigo

Just in from Alpha Lion is an all new Stimulant Free Fat Burner called Cheetah Burn. Cheetah Burn Thermo is  Alpha Lion's newest fat burner that provides users with energy, focus, and thermogenesis, as well as appetite and craving control. What we really like about this supplement is the fully transparent label, no proprietary blends here, you know exactly what's in this one. Cheetah Burn also uses 6 premium patented branded ingredients like InnoSlim, ProGBB, Paradoxine, Infinergy, CapsiMax, and BioPerine which are strategically placed into this products 5 Matrixes. 

If you're looking for a stimulant free fat burner that's incredibly well rounded and provides thermogenesis along with focus and appetite control you really can't go wrong with Cheetah Burn. For those of you who do like stims, Cheetah Burn can also be stacked with stim fueled options like Super Human Pre-Workout or Alpha Shredder, Alpha Lion's stim fueled fat burner. 

We just got Cheetah Burn in and it's in stock and ready to ship. For a limited time use promo code "CHEETAH" to save an additional 10% OFF your purchase. 

Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn 120 Capsules


Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn 120 Capsules | Stimulant Free Thermogenic Agent Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn is a powerful stimulant free fat burner which aims to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and to help cut water. This powerful stimulant free fat burner features 5 powerful matrixes as well as 7 premium patented and branded ingredients. Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn Product Highlights Powerful Stimulant-Free Fat Burner & Thermogenic Featuring Premium Ingredients Like Capsimax, BioPerine, KSM-66 & More Help ...

John Frigo
John Frigo

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