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Best Pre-Workout Supplements without Creatine 2018 (Creatine Free)

Believe it or not, this is one of the top questions our team receives about pre-workout supplements. Many customers are looking for a pre-workout supplement, but don't want the added creatine, either because they are already taking a creatine supplement, or creatine just doesn't sit well with their stomach. Either way, this is why our team wanted to put together a guide on the best pre-workout supplements of 2018 that don't have creatine as one of the ingredients.

#5 - Sparta Nutrition Kraken

This is probably the newest creatine free pre-workout supplement on the list, but the excitement and popularity of this product and the entire Sparta Nutrition line is growing rapidly. While this formula recently changed, the focus, energy and pumps are better than ever. This is an incredible up and coming creatine free pre-workout supplement that will more than likely make it way up the list next year. Learn more about Kraken.

#4 - Metabolic Nutrition ESP Extreme

So this is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on the list. Which is ironically why its not taking the #1 spot. It is just too strong for a lot of users. It is heavy on the stimulants so expect massive amount of energy, pumps and incredible focus. But it definitely should not be used by beginner pre-workout supplement users. But, as you expected, this pre-workout is creatine free. Learn more about ESP Extreme.

#3 - Allmax Nutrition Impact Igniter

This is the latest formula from Allmax Nutrition. It is replacing their old Razor 8 formula and our team can tell you it is a huge step forward. This is a very comprehensive formula. Tons of ingredients for pumps, endurance, energy, focus and muscle building. And to make you happy, there is no create in this formula whatsoever. Not only that, but they have some great tasting flavors to make you look forward to taking it! Learn More About Impact Igniter.

#2 - GAT Nitraflex


This pre-workout supplement has been around for quite some time. Its claim to fame is the testosterone boosting ingredients it has in its pre-workout formula. No creatine whatsoever, but plenty of pump, energy, focus and testosterone pushing ingredients make this pre-workout supplement on of the best. Read More About Nitraflex.

#1 - Dust X by Blackstone Labs

 Dust X by Blackstone Labs is one of our best selling pre-workout supplements period. Not only is it owned by one of the biggest companies in the industry, it is one of the few pre-workout supplements that has DMHA included as a main ingredient. This entire formula is focused around energy, focus and pumps. No creatine at all in the this pre-workout supplement. Take it and get ready to have some of the best workouts of your life. Read More About Dust X.

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