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Black Magic is Dropping a Red Voodoo Punch BZRK Flavor on Halloween

Black Magic is Dropping a Red Voodoo Punch BZRK Flavor on Halloween

Last year for Halloween the Hardcore supplement brand Black Magic dropped a Limited Edition Voodoo Punch flavor. The Special Edition Voodoo Punch flavor was a new flavor, came in a special tub, and Black Magic added a few ingredients to the formula. For those of you who were fans of last year's Voodoo Punch, you'll be excited to hear Black Magic is doing it again this year.

Black Magic has just announced that for Halloween this year they'll be rolling out a Voodoo Punch flavor which will feature will feature 10 grams of Citrulline Malate, 500mg of NitroRocket, Neurofactor, and 400mg of Caffeine.  Unlike many other brands which already have their Halloween themed flavor out, this one will actually be dropping Halloween Day, October 31. You'll be able to grab this from Black Magic as well as retail partners such as ourselves. 

And if punch isn't your thing, checkout our full line-up of BZRK flavors including the all new Special Edition flavors Money Mojito and Berry'd Money. 

Black Magic BZRK 25 Servings


Checkout our full line-up of Black Magic BZRK flavors including Limited Edition offerings. 

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