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Blackstone Labs Announces All New Dust Reloaded Pre-Workout

Blackstone Labs Announces All New Dust Reloaded Pre-Workout

Blackstone Labs Dust Reloaded

Blackstone Labs, the supplement brand best known for their ProHormones and Hard Hitting Preworkouts like Dust X, Dust V2 and others, is a longtime fan favorite, but isn't a company who's known for putting out a ton of new supplements or formulations. Well we've recently learned that tomorrow March 30, 2022, Blackstone Labs will be dropping an all new "Dust Reloaded" Pre-Workout. 

It's unclear at this time whether Dust Reloaded will replace Dust V2, or whether Dust Reloaded will sell alongside the longtime favorite Dust V2. One big difference between Dust V2 and Dust Reloaded is that Dust Reloaded will feature a fully transparent label as opposed to the proprietary blend which Dust V2 contained. This means you know not only all the ingredients in your preworkout, but you also know the dosages which is something consumers today like to know. 

You can checkout the full supplement facts panel and ingredients below, this all new formulation from Blackstone Labs contains 400mg of Caffeine, 2 grams of Arginine, a gram of Citrulline, and a long of other ingredients, again you can checkout the full panel below for yourself. What can users of the all new Dust Reloaded expect, well you can expect increased energy and performance, increased focus and mind muscle connection, and a nice moderate pump as well. 

The all new Dust Reloaded will initially roll out with three flavors including Pineapple, Grape and Watermelon, and will be dropping tomorrow 03/30/22 at 12PM Eastern time. 

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