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Blackstone Labs LGD Elite & Dust V2 are Coming!

Blackstone Labs has been on a roll with coming out with new products. And this past month they announced two new products that will be available very shortly through retailers!

Dust V2 (New Formula of Angel Dust)

This is the next generation formula of their very popular pre-workout supplement, Angel Dust. Why a new formula so soon after the first one was released? Well blame it on the government. They have been cracking down on the use of AMP Citrate. This popular ingredient was the replacement for 1,3 DMAA and now the government is warning manufactures about the use of this ingredient as well. Most likely, by the end of the year, there will be no supplements left with AMP Citrate.

So Blackstone Labs is updating their product quickly. But don't think Dust V2 will be just some watered down pre-workout. Blackstone Labs being themselves, this will still be a potent pre-workout supplement. With their recent products toying with nootropics, I am betting this product will be nootropic-heavy, meaing awesome focus and energy for your workout.

While we don't know the specific ingredients yet, as soon as they are released, we will be updating this blog post. For now, I would recommend stocking up on the original Angel Dust before its gone!

LGD Elite (New Mass SARM) - BUY NOW $54.95

Since the ban on prohormones, companies have been struggling to find products that can take their place. One market of products are called SARMS. Now there are compounds that have near the effects on muscle mass as prohormones, but without all the nasty side effects.

Right now Blackstone Labs has a SARM called Ostapure. So why come out with another? I am thinking they found a new SARM compound that is even better at putting on mass...this compound is LGD...and is the main ingredient in LGD Elite. This product was just announced on their Facebook page, so we really don't know the ingredients, dosage etc, but I can bet it will be a huge all Blackstone Labs products are.

For now, if you want a SARM, try Blackstone Labs Ostapure. If you are willing to wait a little bit, we should be one of the first companies to be selling the new LGD Elite supplement.

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