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Blackstone Labs - Viper X Energy Powder

Viper X Powder – The New Way of Energy Enhancement

One thing people always look for is energy. People look for the energy to get out of bed and go to work. Or finding extra energy in the middle of the day. Or even trying to find energy to go to the gym and work out. What will you say, if we can give you a product that can give you that extra boost you need and something that helps you burn fat at the same time? Well now there is a brand new product here to help your needs. Here is Blackstone Lab’s Viper X Powder, the new way of energy!


ViperX Powder


When people need an extra boost in the middle of the day they go straight to coffee. Coffee is an okay taste, with 5 calories a cup, but the only way to make it that low of a calorie is by drinking it black. You sacrifice the fun flavors you can have for the price of having energy. Why do you have to punish yourself when all you want to do is wake up? Well with Blackstone Lab’s New Viper X Powder, you get that afternoon energy that you need in a great tasting drink!
Each serving has 225mg of caffeine to stimulate athletic performance and weight loss. It also increases energy, stamina and focus all in one. On top of having a great amount of energy to keep you awake, what if I told you it can help you lose weight as well?

Each serving has a great element called Achyranthes Aspera, also known as “Devil’s horsewhip”. Achyranthes Aspera is a powerful herb used to treat a number of things, one including obesity. It helps in reducing fat cells, monitors cholesterol and is super effective in weight loss! So why don’t you try something that will give you the energy of coffee, but not sacrificing flavor and helping you lose weight? Happy Energy!

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