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Bowmar Nutrition Reveals New Nootropic Energy Drink Called "Sharp"

Bowmar Nutrition Reveals New Nootropic Energy Drink Called "Sharp"

Bowmar Nutrition Sharp Energy Drink

Bowmar Nutrition just announced on Instagram an all new Nootropic Energy Drink they're rolling out called Sharp, the drink will be dropping this Friday. A trend we've been seeing in the supplement space is supplement companies and sports nutrition brands have been dropping their own RTD Energy Drinks. Repp Sports rolled out RAZE Energy which has become one of the hottest energy drinks on the market, and Redcon1 also recently rolled out their Redcon1 Energy Drink. Now Bowmar is getting into the game with a spin-off of their Nootropic Supplement Sharp. 

Bowmar's all new Energy Drink will contain a very moderate 100mg of caffeine, zero grams of sugar, just 5 calories per can, and while we haven't seen the full ingredient list or panel, we're told it will contain most if not all of the ingredients from the powder version of Sharp which include citrulline, betaine, tyrosine, l-carnitine, Alpha GPC and KSM-66 Ashwagandha, though apparently the drink will contain a proprietary blend as opposed to a fully transparent label like the powder version. 

Bowmar has always been a brand known for putting out a ton of new supplements and functional food products as well as putting out a lot of new flavors of their supplements so we're excited to see what Bowmar Nutrition has in store for us with this all new energy drink. The BN Sharp Energy Drink is set to drop this Friday on the Bowmar Nutrition website and will initially be dropping in a single flavor which is Citrus Grapefruit. We'll keep you updated as we learn more. 

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