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BPI Sports Build HD Reviews Video

BPI Sports is one of the most well known supplement companies in the industry. They seem to always be coming out with some of the most popular supplements everyone is talking about. When we think BPI Sports, we think 1MR for pre-workout, RX-6 for weight loss and A50 for test boosting. Well their newest product is a creatine product they feel with blow other creatine products out of the water. What is the product? It's called Build HD.

What is Build HD According to BPI Sports?

Enough of these ridiculous, over hyped and outdated creatine formulas, saturated with 75 grams of sugar labeled as "maltodextrin." They're trying to hoax you into spending $50 for something that you can buy at Sam's Club for 75 cents a pound. Those "tricks" are for kids.

Enough of these pre/intra/post formulas that weren't any good even a decade ago. Aren't you finished being force fed so-called concentrated creatines with zero research on concentration, where the fanciest thing about them is the dainty little bottles they dress them up in?

Are you finally ready for a serious creatine to get you big and strong now?†* BUILD-HD™ utilizes the #1 Most Trusted and Heavily Researched Creatine on The Planet. No loading, No sugars, No Maltodextrins. Just 1 Scoop of pure Muscle-in-a-Bottle.†* BUILD-HD™ is the only NeuroCognitive Supporting Concentrated Creatine on the Planet and it is the best tasting powdered creatine formula that you will ever taste.†* It dissolves easily in six ounces of ice cold water and the taste is remarkable.

BPI Sports Build HD Review Video

The guys at best price nutrition also did a review on their thoughts of Build HD. This is a no hype video review of the product. Unlike other reviewers and retailers that LOVE EVERY PRODUCT, the guys at Best Price Nutrition give their honest opinions based on research and studies.

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