C:Vol: NEW Stackable Post-Workout Creatine

April 22, 2015

AllMax Nutriton C:Vol | Post-Workout Recovery

C:Vol is a new creatine supplement from AllMax 

C:Vol is the latest addition to the AllMax Nutrition supplement line. C:Vol may sound familiar, because AllMax has H:Vol, a popular pre-workout product. Now, you can stack H:Vol before your workout and C:Vol after your training.

Cremagnavol was the original version of C:Vol, a creatine-based recovery product. AllMax decided to shorten the name of the updated product to avoid any confusion.  The 30 serving formula is billed as a "post-workout muscle recovery" on their product label. 

AllMax has included 5 grams of a creatine blend, taurine, and beta-alanine in the updated version.  You will see noticeable improvements in strength and recovery with consistent use.

C:Vol Benefits

• Increases Size & Strength

• Accelerates Recovery

• Sugar-Free

• 30 Servings

Primary Ingredients

• Creatine Complex: 4 Creatine Blend

• Taurine

• L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

• Beta-Alanine

Best C:Vol Stacking Partner

AllMax Nutrition has created the perfect compliment to their popular pre-workout supplement H:Vol. Stacking a pre and post-workout combination will help you optimize your results during and after your workout during the crucial recovery process when muscles grow bigger and stronger.

If you arent familiar with H:Vol, it contains an impressive ingredient profile that includes 5-MTHF, RC-NOS, Taurine, Valine/Norvaline.  These ingredients help you not only get great muscle pumps, but you will notice amazing vascularity.

Try stacking H:Voland C:Vol together for your next gym session.  You won't be disappointed!


• Coconut-Lime Mojito

• Raspberry Kiwi

Release Date

AllMax Nutrition should reveal its release date shortly.  Best Price Nutrition will keep you apprised of any new developments.

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