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Can PNI Pinnacle Duplicate Success of OxyTHERM?

PNI Pinnacle & NEW Version of OxyTherm Coming Soon!

 PNI Supplements

PNI (Premium Nutraceuticals International) is probably best-known for OxyTHERM Pro, a product that has set the standard for other thermogenic weight loss supplements on the market.  OxyTHERM Pro is among the highest rated products on the Best Price Nutrition website.  PNI has a small, but growing product line that includes hormone support, glutamine, creatine, and EAA supplements.

We just received word that PNI Pinnacle will be the company's new pre-workout supplement.  PNI didn't release any details on flavors, cost, or serving size.  The company already has Prodigy XT, a pre-workout matrix that supplies intense focus, energy, muscle pumps, vascularity, and stamina.  The formula uses Beta-Alanine, Creatinol-O-Phosphate,  and Agmatine as its primary ingredients. 

How Does Pinnacle Differ From Prodigy XT?

PNI has posted an image of Pinnacle on their social media accounts.  They have yet to provide an ingredient profile for their new pre-workout supplement.  We would expect that there will be some noticeable differences between Pinnacle and Prodigy XT since the company has been targeting each supplement category with just a single product.

Didn't PNI Just Post About a NEW OxyTHERM?


The announcement of Pinnacle comes just 1 week after PNI posted a picture of a NEW black label OxyTHERM on Instagram being tabbed as  a "next generation fat loss, feel good energy and appetite suppression" product.  The original version has helped thousands of people shed unwanted bodyfat, so we are really excited to find out whats in the updated version.

Original OxyTHERM Pro Benefits

  • Attacks Stubborn Body Fat
  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Alertness & Focus
  • Appetite Suppression

What is the Release Date?

No release date has been set to our knowledge.  Check our blog for frequent updates on new products.

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