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CBum Thavage Preworkout Getting a New Dragon Fruit Flavor 11/25

CBum Thavage Preworkout Getting a New Dragon Fruit Flavor 11/25

CBUM Thavage Dragon Fruit Flavor

RAW Nutrition and CBUM have just announced an all new flavor of Thavage Preworkout launching on Black Friday. The all new Thavage flavor will be a unique Dragon Fruit flavor, something we haven't seen before in many preworkout supplements. 

For those not familiar with the product a while back supplement brand RAW Nutrition partnered with Chris Bumstead aka CBUM for a CBUM line of supplements which thus far includes Thavage Preworkout and Itholate Protein. Thavage initially rolled out in two flavors including Blackberry Lemonade and Rocket Candy, however it's since expanded to include Green Crush, 3-Peat, and most recently Peach Bum. The all new Dragon Fruit flavor will be the total flavor options to 6.

Again, the all new Dragon Fruit flavored CBUM Thavage Preworkout will be dropping Black Friday on the RAW Nutrition website, and it should be hitting our warehouse shortly after. If you'd like to checkout our current line-up of CBUM Thavage Preoworkout flavors you can do so by clicking the link below...


RAW Nutrition CBUM Thavage Preworkout 40 Servings


RAW CBUM Thavage Preworkout 40 Servings CBUM THAVAGE PREWORKOUT IS NOW AVAILABLE IN A READY TO DRINK (RTD) BOTTLE FORMAT. CLICK HERE TO BUY! Chris Bumstead now has his very own CBUM Series of RAW Nutrition Supplements including Thavage, Bumstead's All New Pre-Workout Formula. This one was specifically formulated by Chris Bumstead himself. While not overly stim heavy Thavage does provide a solid amount of energy with 324mg of caffeine along with ingredients for pumps and nootropics for added focu ...

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