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Chemix Lifestyle Announces a V2 Version of Chemix Pre-Workout

Chemix Lifestyle Announces a V2 Version of Chemix Pre-Workout

Chemix PreWorkout V2

I'm sure many of you are huge fans of "The Guerrilla Chemist" and many of you may not even know you are... The Guerrilla Chemist formulates pre-workouts for a lot of the top brands out there, however a few years back he rolled out his own supplement line Chemix Lifestyle. We carry a number of Chemix Lifestyle products including their stim-preworkout simply called Pre-Workout, their Pump Pre Workout Chemix King of Pumps, as well as CortiBloc and Chemix Sleep.

As seems to be the trend in early 2021, many brands are reformulating existing products. If you've been following our blog our friends over at Serious Nutrition Solutions aka SNS, have been reformulating a number of their products recently. Well, Chemix is doing the same, it's recently been announced Chemix Pre Workout will be dropping a Chemix Pre Workout V2 or version two with a few small changes, as wells as two fresh new flavors.

Chemix Pre Workout will stack pack the high stimulants along with ingredients to enhance focus and pumps as well. They have removed two ingredients, those being Peak02 and Kanna. The formula will however still pack Alpha Yohimbine, as well as Eria Jarensis for that motivation and positive sense of wellbeing, one of our favorite aspects of this preworkout. Chemix has also added two tasty new flavors including a classic Blue Raspberry along with a Strwaberry Watermelon option. This one should be hitting the brands website as well as our online shop sometime in the coming weeks. If you'd like to get your hands on the old formula before its retired, we still have some in stock which you can grab at the link below.

Chemix Pre-Workout 20 Servings


High Stim Pre Workout - Chemix The Guerrilla Chemist has finally produced its first supplement, a high stim pre workout! Made by the Guerrilla Chemist himself, this pre workout is backed up by science to provide the best experience to your workout. If you want a high stim pre workout that can increase your strength and power, this is the supplement for you. Introducing Chemix, the pre workout from the Guerrilla Chemist! Chemix Pre Workout Benefits Increases Strength Enhances Focus Gives You Huge ...

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