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Coming Soon | Blackstone Labs - Halo ELITE

Blackstone Labs - Halo ELITE

Newest Plant Androgen

We have an awesome product coming your way soon! Remember the old Blackstone Labs Halo Elite? Now they have released a new formula! 

Blackstone Labs released a brand new formula for Halo Elite. This is now a plant based Androgen! Being its plant based, it's a natural formula and can be stacked with anything for maximizing effects! 

Blackstone Labs Halo Elite is for anyone who wants a natural supplement for increased size and strength. The way it works is that it contains one key ingredient: Eucommia Ulmoides Extract, which is a Phytoandrogen! The beauty about this is that the substance binds itself to the male hormone testosterone, and gives you similar effects. So you might get an increased sex drive and increased muscle mass! 

Once we have Blackstone Labs Halo Elite, you can purchase here!

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