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Competitive Edge Labs Drops a New Muscle Building Product Called Ecdy-Plex

Competitive Edge Labs Drops a New Muscle Building Product Called Ecdy-Plex

Competitive Edge Labs Ecdy-Plex

Competitive Edge Labs has just dropped an all new muscle building supplement called Ecdy-Plex which is a Turkesterone Ecdysterone supplement which also features 500mg of Naringin and 10mg of Bioperine. For those not familiar with this brand, Competitive Edge Labs is a spin-off of Serious Nutrition Solutions. SNS features a wide variety of supplements like Focus XT, as well as a host of single ingredient supplements. Their spin-off brand Competitive Edge Labs tends to feature more "Hardcore" muscle building supplements such as M-Test, Anabolic Effect, and Epi-Plex, as well as prohormone cycle support products such as PCT Assist, TUDCA, and Cycle Assist. 

Well their newest supplement brings together two of the hottest ingredients of 2022 Turkesterone and Ecdysterone, combining the power and synergistic effects of these powerful plant based Ecdysteroids. Turkesterone and Edcysterone typically have a cutting effect and lead to increased strength, increased muscle mass, and a noticeable increase in muscle fullness. 

The formula behind Competitive Edge Labs Ecdy-Plex features 1500mg of Ajuga Turkestanica, and 1000mg of Beta Ecdysterone Extract along with 500mg of Narginin and 10mg of Bioperine for enhanced absorption. We'll likely have the all new Ecdy-Plex in stock here at sometime in the coming weeks. 

Competitive Edge Labs Ecdy-Plex Ingredients

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