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Condemned Labz Reveals Formula Behind New Nootropic MSTRMND

Condemned Labz Reveals Formula Behind New Nootropic MSTRMND

Condemned Labz MSTRMND Ingredients

Back in late October, just a few days before Halloween we told you about how Condemned Labz announced an all new Nootropic Supplement called MSTRMND. Condemned Labz is a hardcore brand who puts out some high quality supplements packed with active ingredients, so we were excited to see what they had on the way. While MSTRMND won't be rolling out until 2023, Condemned Labz has finally shared the ingredients and supplement facts panel and it looks impressive.

This will be Condemned Labz first entrance into the category of Nootropics and Cognitive Boosting supplements and they didn't let us down. You can checkout the full supplement facts panel below. The formula features proven ingredients like Lions Mane and others at hefty dosages, and this formula does contain a number of premium patented and branded ingredients like Sabroxy, CognatIQ and Infinergy Caffeine. The entire formula contains some B Vitamins for energy along with 500mg of Lions Mane, 250mg Choline, 150mg Sabroxy, 150mg Mucuna Pruriens, and 120mg of caffeine anhydrous which is enough to wake you up and increase alertness without giving the jitters or feeling too stimmed out, in addition to the 120mg of caffeine anhydrous it also contains 30mg of Infinergy branded Dicaffeine Malate. In addition to those we also have 20mg of Noopept an ingredient I love but something we don't see in a lot of supplemtens and lastly we have 10mg of Vinpocetine. 

The formula looks great so if you're looking for increased energy, increased alertness, improved memory and just an overall boost in cognitive function you'll want to check this one out. No word on an official release date but we'll likely see this one available very early in 2023. 

Condemned Labz Mstrmnd 60 Capsules


Condemned Labz Mstrmnd 60 Capsules Condemned Labz Mstrmnd is an all new Nootropic supplement. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers which many users take to improve memory, increase mental alertness and help to improve concentration. Nootropic Supplements are popular among students studying for exams, business executives or entrepreneurs who need to be on top of their game, or athletes playing a sport that requires focus. Condemned Labz Mstrmnd 60 Capsules Highlights & Benefits May Help Improve Con ...

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