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Craze V2 Is Coming

Driven Sports Craze V2Well it's been awhile since we talked about this product. Driven Sports early this week hinted that some 'V2' was coming soon. And since they very rarely post to their Facebook page, it had to be important. The rumors started swirling and eventually they posted that Craze V2 would be released.

What About Frenzy?

After the removal of the original Craze from the market, Driven Sports had to come out with another pre-workout to take it's place. This is where Frenzy came in. It was a great supplement, but nothing like Craze. So why not take the highlights of Frenzy to help create a new breed of pre-workout.

How is Craze V2?

During the last 1-2 years, Driven Sports has been listening to what users had to say about the original Craze and their Frenzy pre-workout supplement. They took all that feedback into careful consideration when formulating the new Craze V2. They wanted this product to be like nothing else on the market today.

When Will It Be Available?

It is still too early to get ingredients and even to try this product yet. Here at Best Price Nutrition we hope to be one of the first to carry this new product because it's something a lot of the guys here are very excited about. I personally still have two bottles of the original Craze, which I take one crazy leg days or when it's just been a really long day and I need something to help break through

We will keep this blog post updated with more information as it comes in.

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