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The Hodgetwins are coming out with some supplements. CREAGAINS, HODGEDROL, PREGAINS...what will they call it! These guys are Youtube rockstars...with good reason...they are funny and give some good advice! And now they are coming out with some supplements and putting their name on it!

Pre-Workouts and Post-Workouts

If you watch the video here, which is pretty funny and entertaining, you can see them tasting the different flavors of their pre-workout formula. Now we don't know the actualy ingredients, but you can get an idea of the flavors they are deciding on releasing for their pre-workout.

The names the Hodgetwins came out with, though they are still deciding on the name of the pre-workout are CREAGAINS, HODGEDROL, and/or PREGAINS. The Creagains with obviously include creatine and be their post-workout supplement. HODGEDROL, and/or PREGAINS will be their pre-workout formula. We do not know what will be included yet though.

Will They be a Success?

They are very successful online through Youtube, so I have no doubt that they will do well with this supplement line...depending on the ingredients they put into it. I will be watching over the next couple weeks to see what's included and how it stacks up to other pre-workouts and post-workouts on the market today.

Either way, these two guys are entertaining and have brought some good advice to this industry, so I do hope they do well with this new venture.

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