CTD Labs Noxitropin Review

June 04, 2015

CTD Labs's something we all need, but don't always get enough of. And for those in addicted to bodybuilding and fitness, it can sometimes be even harder to get the proper rest you need each night. In the past I used to take melatonin to help me get to sleep. I found though that I needed to take more and more each night...and then I was pretty groggy in the morning. I still do use it when I travel out of the country, as it does help. I even was on Nyquil for a few months once. Not the best thing to do either. But about a year ago I was introduced to Noxitropin...and then just this week introduced to the new flavor of Noxitropin, berry banana.

Why I Take Noxitropin

I just don't get to sleep sometimes. Like many of you, I workout around 6-7pm and normally take a pre-workout, because I am exhausted from the work day. Plus it takes me about an hour to get to the gym from my work, so that is exhausting in itself...I HATE TRAFFIC. So when you take a pre-workout, it gets you going, but sometimes it continues to work throughout the night, and you need something to help you sleep. Another time I take it is when I am just stressed out. Whether it's from work, family or friends, stress can keep you awake with your mind wondering. During this also need something to help you sleep.

Noxitropin works perfectly for both these situations. No matter what went on that day, I can take Noxitropin and fall asleep within about 30min. It calms me down and then let's me sleep. I feel great in the morning too. Never any issues waking up. I was taking it a couple times a night...but there was one problem...the taste.

Old vs. New - The Taste the old formula was Fruit Punch. If you have ever read any of my earlier posts, yes you can admit you haven't, I hate fruit punch in almost everything. Pre-workouts, carb drinks, aminos, sleep aids. It's tough for me to drink. That's why I stopped drinking Noxitropin. As much as I liked drinking something at night, I just couldn't take the taste anymore.

Welcome the new berry banana flavor. Holy s**t this stuff tastes good. They did a complete 360 on the taste. I actually look forward to drinking this now. I have been dealing with back pain this week from a Memorial Day multch issue...and it's been a huge help in getting me to sleep and keeping me asleep all night. I absolutely love that CTD Sports gave me a bottle...because it was just when I needed it and it tastes so good. Trust me.

Overall a 10

I give the new formula a 10. The old formula was a 7 in my book because of the taste...this new formula is everything you could want in a sleep aid. If you want to read about this ingredients of Noxitropin, you can do that here. This is just my review of the product. I hope this helps you choose a sleep aid product. I definitely recommend that you give this one a try.

Jeff Moriarty

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