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Dexaprine XR to Replace Dexaprine V2?

Dexaprine from iForce has been a very popular weight loss product for a few years now, actually one of our best selling fat loss supplements at Best Price Nutrition. I recently spoke to one of their reps and they told me about the new Dexaprine XR coming to the market.

UPDATE 03/04/13

NOW IN STOCK $28.95!!!!


Why the New Dexaprine XR?

The new Dexaprine is one for the masses. It is not as concentrated per pill as Dexaprine V2. This allows you to choose the level of energy, well-being and fat loss you want to go after for the day. Maybe you drank a Monster Energy drink in the morning, and really don't want to take another heavy dose of caffeine (which we don't recommend!), but want a little pick me over lunch. This is where the Dexaprine XR shines.

This is sort of the same thing that Gaspari did with their Spirodex. This was a heavy concentrated pill, which also gave a lot of mood enhancing. They later came out with Detonate, which toned down the stimulants per pill, but still gave you a ton of the well being ingredients we love.


By Jeff Moriarty

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