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Conserve White Claw, Try Celsius!

by Carley Hanna 1 Comment

Time to hit the gym??? Caffeine > Alcohol

If you're among the many who love to constantly have a white claw in hand while driving your boat at the lake house, or relaxing on a nice, warm beach with your crew... listen up!! if you're looking for a similar tasting drink for when your vacation is over & you're ready to hit the gym again, we *may* have just the right product for you ;)

Celsius review

What is Celsius???

By quickly glancing at the can, you may actually mistake Celsius for White Claw! These two Marketing teams must've been on the same page when thinking up their products' designs. Unlike hard seltzer White Claws, though, Celsius is a completely non-alcoholic, caffeine-filled energy drink. However, both drinks' nutrition profiles are extremely low in both calories & sugar. When compared to other drinks of their kind, this makes them much healthier. Because of these similarities, we have crowned Celsius the official "white claw of the gym."

Label comparison

Best Price Nutrition is proud to announce that we now sell Celsius right on our website! if you're intrigued & energy fatigued, feel free to click the link below. we promise, this product will not fail you!

Carley Hanna
Carley Hanna

Carley obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism & Mass Communications from the University of Iowa (go Hawkeyes). While working in the TV News industry after college, she realized her true passion lied specifically in the sports, health & fitness related news stories she'd covered. She has since joined the BPN Marketing team & is excited to continue bringing you articles focused on improving your health through nutrition, supplementation & fitness. You can also catch her hosting Best Price Nutrition's YouTube channel!

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Frank Alcala
Frank Alcala

December 02, 2019

Can we add some Vodka to our Celcius and really turn the party up?

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