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Dry Scoop Your Pre Workout

Dry Scoop Your Pre Workout

Dry Scoop Pre Workout

Dry Scooping Pre Workouts

Dry Scooping Pre Workout Powders is an odd habit which has really been gaining in popularity in recent years. Why do people dry scoop pre workouts? For some it's out of necessity, they forget their shaker bottle at home or don't have access to water but still want to take their pre workout. Others believe that dry scooping pre workouts makes them more intense or makes them hit harder, and for others, its just a fun and odd viral trend they saw on Instagram or TikTok and do just for fun. Whatever the reason, dry scooping pre workouts is something that's become and is becoming more popular. 

Is Dry Scooping Pre Workouts Bad?

While dry scooping pre-workout supplements isn't necessarily bad for you, there are some risks, the biggest being choking. Probably the biggest risk of dry scooping pre workouts is to your teeth. Pre Workouts are formulated with a lot of citric acid which is diluted in water when mixed with 6-8 ounces of water, the way pre workouts are normally taken. However dry scooping puts all this powder directly on your teeth and can eat away at your tooth enamel.

In terms of effectiveness, while some people claim pre workouts are stronger and hit harder when dry scooped, most users seem to find that they work better with water and there's a reason why all pre workouts for the most part advise mixing them with anywhere from 6-8 or 6-10 ounces of cold water. Water gets things circulating throughout your body and for most of us, we find that without water, our preworkouts just aren't quite as effective. 

Demon Dust The Pre Workout Made for Dry Scooping

So this trend of dry scooping pre workouts is typically just done with any run of the mill pre workout. Seeing the rise in popularity of dry scooping, the hardcore supplement brand Insane Labz set out to create a pre-workout supplement specifically formulated for dry scooping. Insane Labz Demon Dust is a Mind Altering Dry Powder that was specifically intended to be dry scooped and taken without water. 

The tub of Demon Dust is quite a bit smaller than your typical tub of Pre Workout powder despite having 50 servings in the tub. To use Demon Dust you simply put a scoop on or under your tongue, let it sit for 15 seconds and you're done. Demon Dust seems to be a bit less harsh than other preworkouts, it seems they've used less citric acid, coloring, and fillers than other preworkout powders. Demon Dust comes in three unique flavors including DCC Clown Mint, Devil Mint, and Cinnamonie. 

If you're looking to get into the dry scooping trend, grab yourself a tub of Insane Labz Demon Dust Pre Workout Powder!

Insane Labz Demon Dust 50 Servings


Insane Labz Demon Dust 50 Servings | "The Dry Scoop Pre Workout" Sometimes you need life to go easy! Why waste time grabbing a shaker to fill it with water then to shake to drink for a minutes? Wait no more, because now you can get the same mind explosive pre workout effects in SECONDS! You have to get your hands on this mind altering dry powder that you just put under your tongue! That's it! Gain loads of energy while enhancing your focus and lift more! Introducing Insane Labz Demon Dust! Insan ...

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