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Fit Butters Drops a New Scotcheroo Peanut Butter

Fit Butters Drops a New Scotcheroo Peanut Butter

Fit Butters Scotcheroo

The functional food brand Fit Butters has just announced an all new Scotcheroo flavor of their high protein peanut butter. Fit Butters if you're not familiar with them is a functional foods brand who's known for their high protein nut butters. What makes Fit Butters so unique is unlike other nut butter brands who just flavor the butters, Fit butters actually puts pieces of the snack on top of the tub, for example their Fluffernutter Peanut Butter has real marshmallows on top and their recent Stroopwafel flavor is packed with real crumbles of Stroopwafel on top. 

The newest flavored Fit Butter is a Scotcheroo flavored high protein peanut butter. If you're not familiar with Scotcheroos it's a desert bar somewhat similar to a Rice Krispie Treat however it's a butterscotch and peanut butter Rice Krispie Treat with a layer of chocolate on top, they're incredibly tasty. 

As far as what type of crumbles or food pieces will be on top, from the teaser image it appears to be butterscotch chips, chocolate chips and Rice Krispies. This all new flavor will be dropping on December 12th and should be rolling out to partnering retailers such as ourselves shortly thereafter. In the meantime you can checkout our entire line-up of Fit Butters flavors at the link below...


Fit Butters High Protein Nut Butter Spreads 16oz


Fit Butters High Protein Nut Butter Spreads 16oz Fit Butters are a premium high protein nut butter for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth while staying in line with their healthy and active lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete, a bodybuilder or just someone who likes to eat clean and stay healthy, Fit Butters are the perfect snack when you're looking for something tasty, high in protein, and with reasonable macros. Not only do fit butters have a delicious taste and texture, they feature ...

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