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Fitmiss Glutamine Coming Soon

This glutamine supplement from Fitmiss is a women’s advanced formula.  So far the only for sure flavor is Tropical Twist and it is offered in a 30 serving container.  Other flavors are expected, but not yet official.  The only and main ingredient is L-Glutamine and there are 5 grams offered per serving. 

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream and supplementing your body with this amino acid can aid protein synthesis as well as help naturally balance your pH levels.  60% of your skeletal muscle is made up of glutamine.  L-glutamine helps prevent muscle wasting and improve exercise recovery.  It helps heal a leaky gut, build lean muscle, and improve overall health. 

This blend helps enhance recovery while supporting immune function.  There are no banned substances or proprietary blends in this blend as well.  Some other benefits of L-Glutamine are that it helps improve gastrointestinal health, balances mucus production, promotes muscle growth, improves athletic performance, improves metabolism and cellular detoxification, curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol, fights cancer, and improves diabetes and blood sugar.  L-glutamine is also an essential neurotransmitter in the brain which helps with memory, focus, and concentration. 

When you do about an hour of exercise, it can cause a 40% reduction of glutamine as well as suppressed immune function.  So when you boost your body with this supplement, it helps boost your immune system and improve your ability to fight infection and diseases.  During exercise, glutamine helps your muscles fight and push harder while boosting strength and repairing your skeletal muscles.  It helps improve muscle hydration which is essential for a quicker recovery time.  In addition, glutamine helps with human growth hormone secretion in which it aids with fat metabolism and supports growth of new muscles. 

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