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Best Price Nutrition now has Gamma Labs Gamma-O and Pre-Training Formula in stock. It’s been requested by quite a few of our customers, so we finally have added it to our inventory.

Best Price Nutrition now has Gamma Labs Gamma-O and Pre-Training Formula in stock. It’s been requested by quite a few of our customers, so we finally have added it to our inventory.

Who is Gamma Labs?

Gamma Labs, a subsidiary of Gamma Enterprises, LLC.,  formed in 2004, is a company dedicated to supplying its customers with natural supplements which are based on the latest science, and manufactured to the highest levels of pharmaceutical standards.

We recognize the positive link between health and nutrition and understand the body’s ability to change and improve. Our mission is to deliver proven, natural supplements which set up a foundation for peak performance and healthy living.

Our flagship products contain Gamma Oryzanol, a natural form of rice bran oil. This supplement has for centuries been present in many Asian and Eastern diets where rice is a staple. The benefits are significant, including increased testosterone in males and estrogen in females.

Gamma Oryzanol is proven to increase lean body mass while decreasing fatty tissue.  Our unique emulsification process insures easy and efficient absorption by the body.

What is Gamma Labs Gamma-O?

Gamma-O has been scientifically as well as clinically proven to naturally increase testosterone levels by up to 800% and release more endorphins that lower stress and cortisol levels. The increase in testosterone and endorphins aids in the growth of lean muscle tissue while burning off unwanted fat without the harmful side effects of steroids, pro-hormone or andro products. Has a variety of uses specifically designed to work in conjunction with bodybuilders and athletes. Gamma-O is the most powerful form of Gamma Oryzanol that can be absorbed by the human body. Easy to take liquid-caps.

   * Increased Strength
   * Reduced Body Fat
   * Enhanced Energy
   * Increased Muscle Girth Gains
   * Reduced Post-Workout
   * Soreness

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Q & A:

Q: How often should I take Gamma-O?
A: Liquid--Take one ounce of Gamma-O once a day. Every bottle comes with its own measuring cup. Liqui-Caps—Take 2 Liqui-Caps twice a day. Ideally you should take it the same time every day. For best results, take with food.

Q: When should I expect to see results?
A: Most people see results by the end of the first month. You will continue to feel added effects the longer you take it. All of Gamma Labs case studies had noticeable increases after 30, 60, and 90 days. After several months your body will have established a new base level.

Q: If I only work out a few times a week, should I use the Athlete product or the For Him product?
A: You should take the Athlete Gamma-O, It helps shorten recovery time.

Q: Because Gamma-O increases testosterone, does it also cause "roid-rage"?
A: No, Gamma-O increases your body's natural testosterone production.

Q: If I stop taking Gamma-O, will I have the same negative effects as if I came off steroids?
A: No. Gamma-O makes your body produce more testosterone. Steroids are a synthetic substitute that causes your body to shut down testosterone production. When you stop using steroids, it takes some time for your body to start producing its own testosterone again. During this lapse, your hormone levels drop substantially. When you discontinue Gamma-O, your levels will slowly drop to where they were previously, but your body won't crash.

Q: Will Gamma-O help boost my red blood cells?
A: None of our case studies specifically monitored RBC's. We believe your RBC's will increase because of the direct correlation between testosterone and RBC's. Additionally, our athletes noticed an increased pump during and after training suggesting there is an increase in blood volume.

Q: I am currently taking other supplements and vitamins. Can I continue to use these supplements while taking Gamma-O?
A: Yes. Gamma -O has no known adverse reactions when taken in conjunction with other supplements.

Q: Should I take it while cycling on testosterone?
A: This is a tough question. We have spoken to several doctors and numerous nutritionists on this on and here's what we came up with. If you take Gamma-O while on testosterone it will help keep your LH up. It also will keep your free testosterone higher. If you continue to take Gamma-O when you come off it will bring your natural levels back much faster. The longer it takes to get your own testosterone level back the more muscle you will lose, not to mention loss of energy and depression. If this is the path you have chosen this would be a question worth discussing with your doctor.

Q: Can I take Gamma as an alternative or in conjunction with HCG?
A: Again, this is something you should discuss with your doctor but the fact is Gamma-O will in no way interfere or have any contraindications with HCG. I have not seen any studies done with HCG and Gamma-O but I would assume it would bring your testosterone back even fast than HCG alone. I have seen several case studies where a patient taking steroids (oral and testosterone gel) not injected, came off the steroids and started Gamma-O and their testosterone level increased within 30 days of taking Gamma-O. Let's recap, they came off steroid and went directly to Gamma-O and their testosterone level increased higher than when on steroids!

Q: Are there any side effects of Gamma-O?
A: No. Gamma-O has been proven safe and non-toxic. It is a rice bran extract that has been around for centuries.

Q: Does your product increase the bio-available testosterone or just the overall testosterone?
A: Both. To further increase Free Testosterone I would take DIM along with the Gamma. Gamma Labs will becoming out with their own DIM later this year.

Q: Isn't it dangerous to increase testosterone levels as high as 800%?
A: That would depend on your base line test levels. Remember, Gamma-O increases your natural testosterone levels. Your body is not going to bring your level to an unhealthy point. Steroids raise your testosterone synthetically so there is no limit as to how high it can go. That would be dangerous.

Q: I'm just trying to get my bio-available levels back up to a level where i can build muscle mass. I'm not interested in risking my health just to look good for a few years.
A: This product is more that just looking good. It is a hormone regulator. This is a healthy product whether you workout or not. The biggest side effect is that it reduces cholesterol! It also happens to be an excellent anti-oxidant.

Q: Can you take Gamma O on an empty stomach?
A: You can take Gamma O on an empty stomach or with a meal.

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What is Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula?

Clinically Superior. Pre-Training Formula. Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula: Intense Training Amplifying Complex Energizing Both Body and Mind. Our scientifically advanced blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline combined with our superior proprietary mix of 3 of the most potent and absorbable Creatines on the market, produces an unmatched stimulus of Nitric Oxide allowing you to training harder and longer. You’ll have a rapid increase of power, energy and muscle mass. Improve endurance, enhance mental focus and heighten protein synthesis. No matter what your fitness level our highly bio-available formula contains powerful antioxidants to help lower muscle breakdown and increase recovery times for a supercharged workout.

Gamma Labs G Fuel 20 Power Packs 

Gamma Labs G Fuel is a sugar free pre workout supplement that is a great alternative to sugar-loaded carbonated drinks. This all natural energy drink promotes a clean focus, improved concentration and overall general health supplement.


  • increased the energy complex tyrosine from 500mg to 1000mg.
  • increased the amount of antioxidants from 200ml to 650ml 
  • Removed the creatine and arginine that was in the previous formula


  • Improved energy
  • Improved Focus
  • Enhanced Performance

Gamma Labs G Fuel 20 Power Packs

Gamma Labs G Fuel 40 Servings

Gamma Labs G Fuel is an all natural pre workout supplement that contains quality ingredients that help promote quality results. G Fuel is Gamma Labs most effective energy supplement due to the Focus Complex found within our PTF. Increasing ingredient potency, increasing effectiveness and increasing quality G Fuel will have you out performing the competition.


  • No crash or jitters.
  • Faster reaction times.


  • Impoved concentration.
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Improved Performance
  • Supports heightened Focus

Gamma Labs G Fuel 40 Servings

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