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Garden Of Life Introduces New RTD Protein Shakes

by Carley Hanna

Garden Of Life introduces a new ready-to-drink protein shake!!

What Are Garden Of Life's Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes??

The popular nutrition company, Garden Of Life, has just announced that they've decided to join the Ready To Drink (RTD) protein shake game. The company just came out with *two* brand-new RTD proteins. They've named them Sport Protein & Organic protein. Garden Of Life's protein powders & plant based proteins are already a huge hit amongst the public, so it will be quite interesting to see how their new, RTD proteins pan out. See the picture of them below.

What's in Garden Of Life's Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes??

The Organic, plant based protein RTD includes 21 whopping grams of protein, 5 grams of MCT oil & 0 grams of sugar. This product also contains *no* dairy or soy & aims to help build & repair your muscles. Be prepared to nourish your body. On the other hand, the garden of life sport grass fed RTD protein includes even more protein than its organic counterpart. This one contains 26 grams of protein & 0 grams of sugar. The goal of this drink is also to help you build & repair muscle, as well as aid your metabolism. We plan on getting these Rtd's into our warehouse soon, but while you're waiting, feel free to browse all of our other garden of life products.

Carley Hanna
Carley Hanna

Carley obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism & Mass Communications from the University of Iowa (go Hawkeyes). While working in the TV News industry after college, she realized her true passion lied specifically in the sports, health & fitness related news stories she'd covered. She has since joined the BPN Marketing team & is excited to continue bringing you articles focused on improving your health through nutrition, supplementation & fitness. You can also catch her hosting Best Price Nutrition's YouTube channel!

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