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Gaspari Nutrition is Bringing Back PlasmaJet!

Gaspari Nutrition Bringing Back Old Favorites


Gaspari Nutrition was a dominant force in the supplement industry for nearly a decade.  The product lineup included heavyweights like Myofusion, SizeOn, SuperPump Max, and PlasmaJet.  The company fell on hard times for a few years, but they are dedicated to making up for lost times.  The Gaspari Nutrition website lists four product categories they will be specializing in: Muscle Building, Endurance, Recovery, Fitness Training.  Its clear the company has taken a thoughtful approach to the markets they want to pursue.  The new incarnation of Gaspari Nutrition indicates they will be bringing back some old favorites.  Let's take a closer look.

SP250 (The NEW SuperPump)

Gaspari SP250

SP250 is the latest addition to their growing product line.  It may sound familiar because its actually the updated version of SuperPump, the popular pre-workout supplement that was among the best selling supplements of the last decade..  The new formula relies on Beta-Alanine and Citrulline Malate to increase focus, pumps, and endurance.  SP250 was only recently released, but we have been getting great feedback on the taste and performance of this product from customers.

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The New SuperPump Looks Great.  What Other Products is Gaspari Nutrition Bringing Back?

PlasmaJet Liquid Nitric Oxide Maximizer

Gaspari Nutrition PlasmaJet

Wow!  This is a blast from the past.  PlasmaJet was such a great product, and we are really excited to see that Gaspari is bringing it back.  The original formula set the standard for nitric oxide supplements last decade.  A lot of the pump products on the market today can be traced back to the original version of PlasmaJet.

We don't have any specifics on the ingredient profile yet, but if the 20 serving PlasmaJet is anything like the original, it should be make waves upon its release.  The company has really upgraded the package design, and will be including PlasmaJet under its Elite Performance Series.

PlasmaJet Benefits

  • Vascularity
  • Muscle Pumps
  • Increased ATP Levels
  • Improved Blood Circulation

What is the Release Date?

The speculation is that Gaspari will unveil the new PlasmaJet in September for the Arnold Classic.  Its been nearly 5 months since word leaked about the return of this product, so we are looking forward to its release finally!

WIll Best Price Nutrition Carry it?

Of course!  We carry a number of Gaspari Nutrition products and have been long-time supporters of the company.  Updates will be posted as more information becomes available.

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