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Glaxon Announces New 1776 Limited Edition Version of Specimen Pre-Workout

Glaxon Announces New 1776 Limited Edition Version of Specimen Pre-Workout

Something supplement brands like to do is roll out special editions or limited editions of existing supplements in their line. Redcon1 for example is regularly rolling out Special Editions of their Total War Pre-Workout like the Whitewalker Edition, 1776 Edition and Demogorgons Blood. Well the newer supplement line Glaxon is rolling out their first ever Limited Edition version of Specimen to celebrate the 4rth of July. 

The all new special edition is called Specimen 1776 Limited Reserve. It comes in a special tub with the Stars and Stripes in the background. The flavor is likely to be some type of take on the Bomb Pop and one detail we do know is this version will have red, white and blue edible glitter in the powder. 

This one should roll out closer to July 4 and will be sold on the brands website. No word yet on whether this one will make it out to retailers like ourselves, but we'll keep you posted as we learn more. If you haven't yet tried Glaxon and want to give it a try checkout the link below...

Glaxon Specimen 42 Servings


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