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Glaxon to Roll-Out New Burstberry Flavored Glaxon SuperGreens

Glaxon to Roll-Out New Burstberry Flavored Glaxon SuperGreens

One category of supplements we're beginning to see more and more brands getting into is the "Greens" formulas. One such supplement which has become incredibly popular is Glaxon's Super Greens formula which also contains their "SuperShroom Blend" on top of the greens. Glaxon SuperGreens is currently available in two flavors including a Lemon Iced Tea and Orchard Ice Tea options. 

In the very near future however Glaxon will be dropping a third flavor option, this all new flavor will be a Burstberry Ice Tea flavor. Berry flavors seem to be a favorite among supplement users and seem to be a flavor which "covers up" supplement tastes very well so we're excited to see a berry option roll-out. 

While we don't know exactly when we'll be getting this one it, it looks as though it's going to be released sometime at the very beginning of July so we'll hopefully have this option added for you guys in the very near future. If you'd like to checkout our current offering of Glaxon SuperGreens you can do so below...

Glaxon Super Greens 42 Servings


Essential Greens Formula - Glaxon Super Greens If you struggle to get your daily dose of Fruits & Veggies, look no further. Glaxon Super Greens can help you out! Glaxon Super Greens formula is the perfect & simple way to make sure you're getting in your essential Greens daily. Just one serving of Glaxon Super Greens contains your entire daily suggested Fruits & Veggies intake. On top of that, it is a delicious, Lemony flavor that'll help to improve workout recovery times & boost your immunity & ...

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