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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten Natural Muscle Building Supplement Coming Soon

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten Natural Muscle Building Supplement Coming Soon

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdysterone Supplement

While Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is probably best known for their ProHormones and Fat Burners, one category of the supplement space that Hi-Tech is really a powerhouse in is the category of natural muscle building supplements. A couple months back Hi-Tech rolled out their newest natty muscle building supplement Turkesterone 650 which featured 650mg of Turkesterone, one of the hottest ingredients of the past year. Thus far users have been pleased reporting increased muscle growth and fullness, improved post workout recovery times, and interestingly, amazing results in terms of cutting and lean muscle development. 

Today we've learned of an all new Ecdysterone supplement rolling out from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The all new product is called Hi-Tech Ecdisten and will feature 250mg of Beta Ecdysterone per capsule with a two tablet serving featuring 500mg of Beta Ecdysterone. This all new Ecdisten Natural Muscle Building compound aims to support optimal levels of male hormones ie Testosterone, to support muscle growth and muscle recovery, and to increase protein synthesis, lean muscle development, and strength. 

Hi-Tech Pharma's Ecdisten will come in a 60 tablet bottle and depending upon how you dose it will last anywhere from 30-60 days. We haven't learned of a price point or when this one will be hitting our warehouse, however Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is typically pretty quick at rolling out their new products so we're anticipating having this one in stock sometime next week. 


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