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Hi-Tech Teases a New Collagen Peptides Supplement Coming Soon

Hi-Tech Teases a New Collagen Peptides Supplement Coming Soon

Hi-Tech Collagen Peptides

We've just learned Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is rolling out an all new Collagen Peptides supplement. Hi-Tech has been on fire lately putting out a ton of new products, they've recently rolled out a Beta Sitosterol supplement, Tongkat Ali, their highly sought after Turkesterone 650, and most recently an all new prohormone called Halotestin. Well Hi-Tech isn't stopping there, they're delving deeper into the health and beauty category with an all new Collagen Peptides supplement which should be rolling out in the very near future. 

The health and beauty category is a fast growing one and some of the most popular products on the market are Collagen supplements from companies like Vital Proteins and others and Hi-Tech is getting into the game with their own powdered Collagen Peptides supplement. Personally I prefer powders, with a bulky ingredient like collagen it's just impossible to get a worthwhile dose with pills or capsules, even when your taking a ton of them. 

Hi-Tech's all new collagen will pack a whopping 20 grams of SOLUGEL instantized collagen peptides which is easily mixable and highly absorbable, into a 20.3 gram scoop serving. Collagen is obviously best known for promoting more youthful looking skin, healthier nails, and thicker, fuller shinier,  hair, however collagen is also great for improving joint health and comfort. 

If you've been thinking about adding collagen into your supplement regiment this may be a product you want to pickup. Collagen can be mixed into coffee, your protein shake, or even water, however I personally add mine to my morning smoothie to thicken it up a bit.

This all new Hi-Tech Collagen Peptides should be arriving here any day now so keep an eye out for it!

Hi-Tech Collagen Peptides Supplement Facts Label
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