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iForce Max Out Review | Did You Workout Before Coming to the Gym?

Those were the first words I heard coming into the gym about 30min before I took one scoop of the new iForce Nutrition Max Out..."Did you workout before you came to the gym?"

That's a pretty nice thing to hear and boost your ego for the upcoming workout. To be clear though, I didn't workout before I came to the gym and I didn't bust out 1000 push-ups in the hidden corner of the gym. This was me walking into the gym after my hour commute from work.

So what did I think about the new Max Out?

First Flavor...

I am really familiar with Hemavol and all the wonder flavors (well except the Tangy Tangerine). I love all the other flavors, so I was very excited to see Lemon Drop and Blueberry Pomegranate. The flavoring was spot on with matching the Hemavol flavors. I was worried it was going to be another Maximize V3 thing...and those tasted aweful. I had the blueberry pomegranate and it was awesome. Tasted delicious! Easy to mix and easy to drink. One of the best tasting pre-workouts I have had in awhile!

Overall: 10/10


I take a pre-workout Monday through Friday to help me get to the gym. No caffeine on the weekends. I have an hour communte to the gym from work, so I really need something to get me through. When I first took it, I was worried because I didn't feel any energy rush like I did from some others. This stuff has 300mg of caffeine so I expected something. The thing is...I noticed it about 30-40min later instead of the usual 15min. Now I only took this stuff once, so I need to take it a couple more times to see if this changes. I will probably try it tomorrow about 45min before my workout and see what happens. But once it hit, it was smooth, and it lasted through the workout and afterwords. I actually went home and did some work...that usually never happens.

Overall 8/10

Now the Pump...

If you read my intro, you know that the pump was good. Even another person noticed it. I used this product yesterday on arm day (the best day for a pump product!), and the pumps were great...veins popping and shit. Now I must admit during my workout I used Compete, which would add to the pumps during the workout. The stuff just tastes awesome too. You can mix the lemon drop flavor with anything!

Overall 10/10

Final Thoughts

I love that this product is available. I have always been a huge fan of hemavol, but always had to mix it with another pre-workout to get the energy and pump I wanted. I no longer have to do this. It means more money in my pocket and no longer mixing two different pre-workouts that don't always have the best flavor (like Green Apple Pomegranite...nasty...won't forget that one). I would definitely give this one a try. I haven't had the lemon drop, but I am sure it tastes just like the hemavol flavor. I think iForce did really well with this product.

Final Score 9/10

By Jeff Moriarty

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