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iForce Nutrition ThermOxyn Fat Burner Review

iForce Nutrition confirm ThermOxyn and the pre-workout Max Out

iForce Nutrition ThermOxyn

It looks as if Dexaprine will be getting the boot as well and being replaced with a new product titled ThermOxyn,

iForce Nutrition ThermOxyn IS HERE!!! Buy Now!

It looks as if Dexaprine will be getting the boot as well and being replaced with a new product titled ThermOxyn, as with the New preworkout announcement of Max Out, little is known in terms of ingredients for the new product so we will try to keep you up to date as possible on ingredients and when can you expect these two to be available. 

Thermoxyn Review

Due to the demand, Glenn from Best Price Nutrition decided to review this new fat burner. Glenn goes into the details of the product, the ingredients and how it can help you burn fat and build muscle.

Video Transcription

Hello again, everybody. This is Glenn with Best Price Nutrition, and today
I'm going to give you an overview on the new fat burner from iForce called
Thermoxyn. Now if you're looking around online for Thermoxyn and you want
to find out some information yourself on it, you might see some old links
to an old iForce product. Years ago, they used to make a product called
Thermoxyn. So it's an older bottle. You'll see it's blue with red. So when
you're online looking, when you come to our website, you'll see the white
box and it'll say Thermoxyn on it.

Just going through the product and the ingredients, the first is . . . it's
120 capsules per bottle, 60 capsules, or I should say 60 servings per
container. So the first is the AdrenaPlex, which is caffeine anhydrous and
Acacia rigidula. We all know what caffeine does. I don't know the exact
amount of caffeine that's inside here. You're probably looking at anywhere
from 100 to 300 mg, but this is the stimulant part. And then the acacia
extract that's inside here . . . acacia has been shown to contain multiple
stimulants, specifically analogs of PEA. And it's also the ingredient that
gave the real big energy kick that was in Dexaprine. This shouldn't be as
strong because just as evidenced by the two capsule serving, but you should
still get a nice energy kick from it. So that's the two energy ingredients.

Next is the ThermoPlex, Citrus aurantium, which is a source of synephrine.
Synephrine's been around for years. There is some research that shows it
can cause a slight increase in your resting metabolic rate. And then the
next ingredient is Rauwolfia serpentina extract, also known as alpha-
yohimbine. It's related to yohimbine, should give you the very same effects
of yohimbine without a lot of the side effects. A lot of people can't
handle yohimbine. It can cause an increase in blood pressure, cold sweats,
things like that, jitters, just an unpleasant feeling, but it's a very,
very effective fat-burning agent. So that's why they've given you this.
It's the same effects without all the side effects. And there's that

So we'll go through next the RetainPlex, lemon verbena extract. This is a
relatively new ingredient. I shouldn't say new. It's been out for a long
time obviously, but it hasn't been in a lot of products. Just now you're
seeing it in products. It is an antioxidant. It actually may protect
against overtraining, and that's what's been found with this particular
antioxidant. It doesn't have that pro-oxidant effect when taken too much
of, which is nice. Raspberry ketones, another popular fat-burning
ingredient. A lot of animal studies . . . I should say, rat and mice
studies showing that it can increase your fat breakdown. It's actually an
increase in adiponectin which can cause fat breakdown, which is nice.

Lastly, MetaPlex, Garcinia cambogia extract, a popular ingredient now,
especially with the great doctor that mentioned it. There are some studies
that show that it can cause a slight decrease in body weight for people
who've been taking it. Not a huge amount of weight loss or anything like
that, but it may inhibit fat-producing enzymes. So it may be more
beneficial in terms of keeping your body from creating new fat or you
gaining extra weight. So that's the effect that that may have on you. Green
coffee bean extract, another one, very popular. It says green coffee bean
extract 50%. I'm going to guess that means 50% or standardized for 50%
chlorogenic acids because when you're looking for a green coffee bean, you
want the chlorogenic acids to be high, at least 50%. So this ingredient may
inhibit some carbohydrate uptake into the fat cells.

And then lastly, Olea europaea leaf extract, also known as olive leaf
extract. Olive leaf is a cool ingredient because actually it has some
effect on lowering blood pressure. It also has some effect on lowering
cholesterol levels. But it also may increase your T3 levels, which is your
thyroid hormone, and that may induce extra calorie burning that way.

So those are the ingredients. It's not gender specific. It can be taken by
a man or a woman. The nice thing about this is it's not going to have such
a huge kick the Dexaprine had because I know a lot of people, they couldn't
take even a full capsule. They were splitting a capsule most of the time.
The serving size is two capsules. I'd recommend starting with one just to
assess your tolerance. If you feel okay, go ahead and take two. And they
want you to take no more than four capsules in 24 hours.

Let me make sure of that. Yeah, no more than four capsules in a 24-hour period. So basically
you start with one capsule and then maybe one, four to six hours later and
then if you feel like you're okay, the second. Then you can go to two and
two or give yourself a week of the one and one and then move on to two and
two, however you want to do it. Just don't take any more than four, no more
than two at a time.

So I think that just about covers it. If you have any further questions,
you can post them in the comment section below. If you like the video,
please give me the thumbs up, and you can also find us on Facebook at Thank you.

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